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Disadvantage of Cursor ?

Author: Rahul          Posted Date: February 22, 2009    Category: Sql Server     Points: 10

Cursor plays there row quite nicely but although there are some disadvantage of Cursor .Because cursor doing roundtrip it will make network line busy and also make time consuming methods. First of all select query gernate output and after that cursor goes one by one so roundtrip happen.

Another disadvange of cursor are ther are too costly because they require lot of resources and temporary storage so network is quite busy.

How many types of tables are present in SQL SERVER?

Author: Rahul          Posted Date: February 22, 2009    Category: Sql Server     Points: 10

There are 2 types of temporary tables, local and global in sql server.

Local temporary tables are created using a single pound (#) sign and are visible to a single connection and automatically dropped when that connection ends.

Global temporary tables are created using a double pound (##) sign and are visible across multiple connections and users and are automatically dropped when all SQL sessions stop referencing the global temporary table.

What is SQL Cache Dependency in ASP.NET?

Author: Rahul          Posted Date: February 22, 2009    Category: ASP.Net     Points: 10

SQL cache dependencies is new technique in ASP.NET 2.0 onwards which can automatically invalidate a cached data object just like a Dataset. when the related data is modified in the database. So for instance if you have a dataset which is tied up to a database tables any changes in the database table will invalidate the cached data object which can be a dataset or a data source.

To enable this we need a syntax that is as follows in visual studio command prompt type the following command

aspnet_regsql -ed -E -d

What is different between Web User Control and in Web Custom Control?

Author: Rahul          Posted Date: February 21, 2009    Category: ASP.Net     Points: 10

Web user controls : Web User Control is Easier to create and another thing is that its support is limited for users who use a visual design tool one gud thing is that its contains static layout one more thing a seprate copy is required for each application.

Web custom controls: Web Custom Control is typical to create and gud for dynamic layout and another thing is it have full tool support for user and a single copy of control is required because it is placed in Global Assembly cache.

What is diffrence between Debug and Trace?

Author: Rahul          Posted Date: February 21, 2009    Category: .NET Framework     Points: 10

Debug helps to set methods and properties that helps in debugging code.If we use methods in Debug class for print debugging information and checking our logic with cases, you can make your application more robust without impacting the performance and code size.

Trace is used to release builds and instrumentation allows us to monitor the condition of our application running in real-life settings. Tracing helps us to know problems and fix them without interact a running system it also give you the step by step execution.

By Default Trace is enabled by default in visual Studio.

So code is generated for all trace methods in both release and debug builds.

what is strong name in .net

Author: Rahul          Posted Date: February 05, 2009    Category: .NET Framework     Points: 10

A strong name in .NET framework is the combination of following information.

a) Name of the assembly
b) version number
c) culture identity
d) public key token.

What is Version Number in Assembly Manifest ?

Author: Rahul          Posted Date: February 05, 2009    Category: .NET Framework     Points: 10

A revision and build number in an assemblies is called Version Number.

There are Major and Minor Version number in an assembly. you can change this version number in assemblyinfo.cs file
usually version number looks like this in assemblyinfo.cs

The common language run time uses these numbers to enforce version policy.

What is CCW?

Author: Rahul          Posted Date: November 03, 2008    Category: Others     Points: 10

COM Callable Wrapper (CCW)- When a COM client calls a .NET object, the common language runtime creates the managed object and a COM callable wrapper (CCW) for the object. Unable to reference a .NET object directly, COM clients use the CCW as a proxy for the managed object.

The runtime creates exactly one CCW for a managed object, regardless of the number of COM clients requesting its services. As the following illustration shows, multiple COM clients can hold a reference to the CCW that exposes the INew interface. The CCW, in turn, holds a single reference to the managed object that implements the interface and is garbage collected. Both COM and .NET clients can make requests on the same managed object simultaneously.

Where is GAC located in the system

Author: Rahul          Posted Date: November 03, 2008    Category: .NET Framework     Points: 10

Global Assembly Cache (GAC) Located in



C:\windows\assembly (In Windows XP)

Where is window Service Entries located in the system

Author: Rahul          Posted Date: November 03, 2008    Category: Others     Points: 10

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