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How do you hide the columns of a gridview?

Posted By :nishithraj     Posted Date :November 30, 2009    Points :10   Category :ASP.Net 
By setting a column's Visible property of a column as false or by the style display:none property.

You can also find related Interview Question to How do you hide the columns of a gridview?  below: 

How to hide column/columns of silverlight/WPF datagrid?

If you want to hide column or columns in datagrid in code behind then do the following steps:

dgSample.Columns[0].Visibility = Visibility.Hidden;

Note: Rename dgSample to your datagrid name.

What is Method used to bind the data into gridview ?

DataBind() Method used to bind the data into gridview (More...)

How to clear all rows of the GridView?

make DataSource as null.

GridView1.DataSource = null; (More...)

How you will Hide Column(s) in the Windows Forms DataGridView Control?

Set the DataGridViewColumn.Visible property to false.

dataGridView1.Columns("CustomerID").Visible = False

dataGridView1.Columns["CustomerID"].Visible = False; (More...)

How many Columns per INSERT statement is allowed

4096 Columns allowed in per Insert SQL (More...)

What is the limitation of Rows and Columns in Sql Server?

A Row in Sql Server can have the maximum capacity of 8080bytes.
A Column in Sql Server can have the maximum capacity of 1789bytes. (More...)

Name the types of Columns that are available in WPF DataGrid?

1) DataGridTextColumn
2) DataGridCheckBoxColumn
3) DataGridComboBoxColumn
4) DataGridHyperlinkColumn
5) DataGridTemplateColumn

What are Sparse Columns?

A sparse column is another tool used to reduce the amount of physical storage used in a database. They are the ordinary columns that have an optimized storage for null values. Sparse columns reduce the space requirements for null values at the cost of more overhead to retrieve nonnull values. (More...)

How To Create GridView With ScrollBars?




Difference between Datalist and Gridview

Gridview support's selection, editing , sorting and paging whereas Datalist can't support sorting and paging but support selection and


What is the maximum number of columns/tables in a view?

A view can have a maximum of 1,024 columns

Max number of Tables can be used in Select is 256

More can be found on link below

http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms143432.aspx (More...)

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