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What are magic tables?

Posted By :shah268     Posted Date :November 26, 2009    Points :10   Category :Sql Server 
Sometimes we need to know about the data which is being inserted/deleted by triggers in database. With the insertion and deletion of data, tables named "INSERTED" and "DELETED" gets created in SQL Server which contains modified/deleted data.
Here "INSERTED" and "DELETED" tables are called magic tables.

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What is the Magic Tables in Sqlserver2000?

In Database for any table or view When a trigger is fired for any DML command.
Then 2 tables automatically create on backend.
One table is for Insert and other one is for Delete.
These tables are called Magic Tables.
Number of records in both tables should be same. (More...)

How many types of tables are present in SQL SERVER?

There are 2 types of temporary tables, local and global in sql server.

Local temporary tables are created using a single pound (#) sign and are visible to a single connection and automatically dropped when that connection ends.

Global temporary tables are created using a double pound (##) sign and are visible across multiple connections and users and are automatically dropped when all SQL sessions stop referencing the global temporary table. (More...)

Is it possible to have tables in the dataset that are not bound to any data source?

Yes, I can create table object in code and add it to the dataset. (More...)

What are Fact tables and Dimension Tables?

A fact table typically has two types of columns: those that
contain facts and those that are foreign keys to dimension
tables. facts may be composed of measures,degenerated
dimensions.The primary key of a fact table is usually a
composite key that is made up of all of its foreign keys

Dimension tables, also known as look up or reference tables,
contain the relatively static data in the warehouse.
Dimension tables store the information you normally use to
contain queries. Dimension tables are usually textual and
descriptive and you can use them as the row headers of the
result set. Examples are customers or products (More...)

Get data from 2 tables using join?

Select s.name,s.code,m.eng,m.math from Student S INNER Join Marks m on s.RollNo=m.RollNo; (More...)

What are the ways you can display all the tables in Sql Server?

Way 1:

SELECT Table_Name
FROM information_schema.Tables

Way 2:

FROM SysObjects
WHERE Xtype = 'U' (More...)

How to find total number of tables in a database?


SELECT COUNT(*) AS [table count]
FROM [sys].[tables]

We can get the total number of tables using this query. (More...)

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