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Name the classes that are contained in System.Data NameSpace?

Posted By :Syed Shakeer Hussain     Posted Date :November 23, 2009    Points :10   Category :ADO.Net 

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How is the data structure of System R different from the relational structure?

Unlike Relational systems in System R
1.Domains are not supported
2.Enforcement of candidate key uniqueness is optional
3.Enforcement of entity integrity is optional
4.Referential integrity is not enforced (More...)

What is the difference between "using System.Data;" and directly adding the reference from "Add References Dialog Box"?

When you compiles a program using command line, u add the references using /r switch. When you compile a program using Visual Studio, it adds those references to our assembly, which are added using "Add Reference" dialog box. While "using" statement facilitates us to use classes without using their fully qualified names.

For example: if u have added a reference to "System.Data.SqlClient" using "Add Reference" dialog box then u can use SqlConnection class like this:


But if u add a "using System.Data.SqlClient" statement at the start of ur code then u can directly use SqlConnection class.

On the other hand if u add a reference using "using System.Data.SqlClient" statement, but don't add it using "Add Reference" dialog box, Visual Studio will give error message while we compile the program. (More...)

Can you store multiple data types in System.Array?

No, If the System.Array is of Some Particular Data Type.(Primitive Data Type)

yes, If the System.Array is of Object Type.

Ex :

create an array of objects.

int in = 50;
string st = "Fifty";

object [] obj = new object[2];
obj[0] = in;
obj[1] = st; (More...)

What is the use of System.Web namespace?

System.Web namespace defines a number of namespaces used in the development of .NET web applications, including ASP.NET applications XML web services. (More...)

What is the use of System.Windows.Media namespace?

It is the root namespace to several other media related namespaces. It provides different types to work with animations, 3D rendering, text rendering and other multimedia services. (More...)

Which namespace provide classes for integration with WPF and Win32?

The "System.Windows.Interop" namespace provides classes for integration of WPF with Win32. (More...)

What is the use of "System.Windows.Markup" namespace in WPF?

The System.Windows.Markup namespace provides some helper classes for XAML code. (More...)

What is the use of System.Windows.Navigation namespace in WPF?

System.Windows.Navigation namespace contains different classes for navigation between windows. (More...)

Which namespace provide classes to work with images, sound, video, etc?

The System.Windows.Media namespace provide classes to work with images, sound, video, etc in WPF. (More...)

The core classes for User Interface is located in which namespace?

System.Windows.Shapes namespace defines UI classes like Line, Rectangle,etc. (More...)

What is the use of System.SystemException namespace?

System.SystemException provide different classes to handle fatal as well as non fatal errors. (More...)

What is the use of System.Data.DLinq.dll?

System.Data.DLinq.dll provides functionality to work with LINQ to SQL. (More...)

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