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List the event handlers that can be included in Global.asax?

Posted By :shahin     Posted Date :November 22, 2009    Points :10   Category :ASP.Net 
o Application start and end event handlers
o Session start and end event handlers
o Per-request event handlers
o Non-deterministic event handlers

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What event handlers can I include in Global.asax?

Application_Start,Application_End, Application_AcquireRequestState, Application_AuthenticateRequest, Application_AuthorizeRequest, Application_BeginRequest, Application_Disposed, Application_EndRequest, Application_Error, Application_PostRequestHandlerExecute, Application_PreRequestHandlerExecute,
Application_PreSendRequestContent, Application_PreSendRequestHeaders, Application_ReleaseRequestState, Application_ResolveRequestCache, Application_UpdateRequestCache, Session_Start,Session_End
You can optionally include "On" in any of method names. For example, you can name a BeginRequest event handler.Application_BeginRequest or Application_OnBeginRequest.You can also include event handlers in Global.asax for events fired by custom HTTP modules.Note that not all of the event handlers make sense for Web Services (they're designed for ASP.NET applications in general, whereas .NET XML Web Services are specialized instances of an ASP.NET app). For example, the Application_AuthenticateRequest and Application_AuthorizeRequest events are designed to be used with ASP.NET Forms authentication.

List major events in GLOBAL.ASAX file ?

thus bypassing handler execution.
Web site. (More...)

Why is Global.asax is used for ?

Global.asax is used To implement application & Session level events (More...)

In the page load event I assigned DropDownList's DataSource property to a valid list. On the submit button click.. the same DataSource property is coming as null. Why?

As ViewState is not storing the DataSource property.

We have to use Items property of DropDownList to get the items back. (More...)

How many event handlers in sharepoint?


Difference Between Web.Config file and Global.asax ?

Web.Config file is used ....

1. To specify the application settings
2. To specify the session mechanism available to use for that application.
3. To Specify the Connection strings.
4. To Specify the authentication and authorization.
5. To Specify the http handlers.
6. To Specify different providers.

Global.asax file is used to specify the session and application event handlers.

What's the significance of "GLOBAL.ASAX" file ?

GLOBAL.ASAX allows us to executing ASP.NET application level events and setting application-level variables. (More...)

What is Global.asax used for?

implement application and session level events. (More...)

What is the difference between web.config and global.asax?

web.config:- It is a xml based file.
glbal.asax:- It is class file.

web.config:- It carries configuration data of the ASP.Net website.
global.asax:- It carries application events of the ASP.Net website.

web.config:- If there will be any change made on this file, we need to just save the new file with the ASP.Net website.
global.asax:- If there will be any change made on this file, we need to compile/rebuild the ASP.Net website. (More...)

What are the base classes, event handlers can inherit.

While developing event handlers there are several base classes from which you can inherit.

SPItemEventReciever: One must inherit from this base class if you want the event handler to be executed when the item is added,updated and deleted.

SPListEventReciever: One must inherit from this base class when you want the event handler to execute when the structure of the list is modifed or the content type added or removed from the list.

SPFeatureEventReciever: Inherit this base class if you want your event handler to execute when the feature events such as installation,unstallation,activation and deactivation are executed.

SPWebEventReciever: You can Inherit this base class if you want your event handlers to execute when site is added or removed from the site collection.

SPEmailEventReciever:Inherit this base class for creating a event handler for emails that are send to a Sharepoint list.

List the behaviors included in Service Runtime of the WCF layer?

The following behaviors are included in the WCF Service Runtime layer..

1. Throttling behavior
Throttling behavior provides the options to limit how many instances or sessions are created at the application level.

2. Error behavior
By implementing IErrorHandler interface WCF allows an implementer to control the fault message returned to the caller and also it performs custom error processing such as logging

3. Metadata behavior
Through the metadata behavior we can publish metadata of the service by configuring an endpoint to expose the IMetadataExchange contract as an implementation of a WS-MetadataExchange (MEX) protocol. By default it is disabled.

4. Instance behavior
This behavior specifies how many instance of the service has to be created while running WCF.

5. Transaction behavior
This is used to enables the rollback of transacted operations if a failure occurs.

6. Dispatch behavior
This behavior controls how a message is processed by the WCF Infrastructure.

7. Concurrency behavior
Concurrency behavior measures how many tasks can be performed simultaneously

9. Parameter Filtering
This demonstrates how to validate the parameters passed to a method before it is invoked.

How can I see what assemblies are installed in the global assembly cache?

The .NET Framework ships with a Windows shell extension for viewing the assembly cache. Navigating to % windir%\assembly with the Windows Explorer activates the viewer. (More...)

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