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Give Some Examples of Generic Classes?

Posted By :Syed Shakeer Hussain     Posted Date :November 21, 2009    Points :10   Category :C# 

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Examples of Generic Classes?

List,HashSet (More...)

What is the use of System.Environment class? Give some Examples

used to retrieve information about the operating system

1) Environment.OSVersion - Gets the version of the operating system
2) Environment.GetLogicalDrives() - method that returns the drives
3) Environment.Version - returns the .NET version running the application
4) Environment.MachineName - Gets name of the current machine
5) Environment.Newline - Gets the newline symbol for the environment (More...)

Give some examples of varying address in WCF ?

An address can vary, depending on whether it is hosted by Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) on a public network or hosted locally on an internal network computer. It can also vary, depending on the protocol the binding uses. For example, all the following could be valid addresses:

(1) http://www.google.com/MyService/
(2) http://localhost:9800/Service1/MyService/
(3) net.tcp://localhost:9801/MyService/

What are the collection classes?

Queue, Stack, BitArray, HashTable, LinkedList, ArrayList, Name ValueCollection, Array, SortedList, HybridDictionary, ListDictionary, StringCollection, StringDictionary (More...)

What are the collection classes?

The .NET Framework provides specialized classes for data storage
and retrieval.
These classes provide support for stacks, queues, lists, and hash tables. (More...)

What are Abstract base classes?

Abstact Class is nothing but a true virtual class..
This class cannot be instantiated instead it has to be inherited.
The method in abstract class are virtual and hence they can be overriden in the child class. (More...)

Does C# support friend classes like in C++?

No. About the closest you can come is using the internal keyword, which allows access within the current assembly. But, there is no way to specify specific a class that knows about another class's private implementation. (More...)

What Are the Generic Delegates?

The System namespace defines five new generic delegates. The first is EventHandler defined as:

public delegate void EventHandler(object sender,E e) where E : EventArgs (More...)

What Are the Generic Methods of System.Array?

The System.Array type is extended with many generic static methods. The generic static methods are designed to automate and streamline common tasks of working with arrays, such as iterating over the array and performing an action on each element, scanning the array looking for a value that matches a certain criteria (a predicate), converting and sorting the array, and so on. Below is a partial listing of these static methods (More...)

How Do I Reflect Generic Types?

Like most other things done with reflection, you use the class Type. Type can represent generic types with specific type arguments (called bounded types), or unspecified (unbounded) types.

Both typeof and GetType() can operate on type parameters:

Copy Code
public class MyClass
public void SomeMethod(T t)
Type type = typeof(T);
Debug.Assert(type == t.GetType());
} (More...)

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