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What is the command name to shrink the data file and log file size in SQL server 2005?

Posted By :Virendra Dugar     Posted Date :November 20, 2009    Points :10   Category :Sql Server 
The command name is : DBCC SHRINKDATABASE (Database Name)

This command will shrink the data file and log file size. With this command you can specify that how much percentage space you want to free.

dbcc shrinkdatabase (TempDAabase,10)

This command will free only 10% space.

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what is used to execute a .net file from the command prompt ?

csc is C# compiler abbreviation is C Sharp Compiler (More...)

How to send XML file on server using HTTP protocol?

Using SOAP we can send XML file on Serevr (More...)

What is the name of command in sql server 2005 which is used to kill any process?

The command name is kill.

Syntax is below:

Kill [Process ID] (More...)

Disadvantage in File Processing System in SQL Server?

Disadvantage in File Processing System in .SQL Server are

Less stability
Difficult in accessing data.
Data redundancy & inconsistency.
Data isolation and integrity.
Concurrent access is not possible.
Security Problems. (More...)

Before you RESTORE or ATTACH the Database/backup file on Production server from other source, What are the things you should do ?

The following are the basic recommendations when attaching or restoring Database(s) from other source:

1. Do not ATTACH or RESTORE databases from unknown sources.

2. These databases could contain malicious code that might execute unintended Transact-SQL code or cause errors by modifying the schema or the physical database structure.

3. Before you use a database from an unknown source, run DBCC CHECKDB on the database on a nonproduction server first.

4. Examine the code, like stored procedures or other user-defined code.

5. If you feel everything is fine thenonly proceed with production server.

What is .mdf and .ldf file in SQL Server

The .mdf and .ndf are the data files of the database, where all of the tables, indexes (other than fulltext catalogs), stored procedures, etc. are stored. The .mdf is the primary data file and the .ndf only exists if a new file group is created.

The ldf is the transaction log. The transaction log is where all transactions are wirtten to. Upon a checkpoint the contents of the transaction log, .ldf is written to the appropriate .mdf and/or .ndf.


How can I encrypt sensitive data in the WCF configuration file?

To encrypt sensitive data in WCF configuration file, use aspnet_regiis.exe tool.

Example: If you want to encrypt Connection String section of WCF config file, use -pe that means provider encryption .
aspnet_regiis -pe "connectionStrings" -app "/MachineDPAPI"

-prov "DataProtectionConfigurationProvider"

-pe means provider encryption of configuration section.
-app means your application's virtual path.
-prov means provider name

Disadvantage in File Processing System?

1.Data redundancy & inconsistency.
2.Difficult in accessing data.
3.Data isolation.
4.Data integrity.
5.Concurrent access is not possible.
6.Security Problems. (More...)

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