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What is a Pseudocode?

Posted By :Hefin Dsouza     Posted Date :September 22, 2009    Points :10   Category :Others 
While Solving a problem in our day to day life we first understand the problem and then work out a set of steps to overcome the problem.
It is similar in our programming world too.There are different approaches to solve a computer problem one of those is a "Pseudocode".
"Pseudocode" as the name says is not actual code (pseudocode=false), but instead it is a method of algorithm writing that uses a certain standard set of words which makes it resemble a code. This code cannot be complied or Run.

Example : Writing a Pseudocode for displaying the popular example "Hello World!" message will be like this :
Example 1:
DISPLAY 'Hello World!'

In this Example we have to understand that the each Pseudocode has to start with the word BEGIN or START , and end with END or STOP. To display an output value we have to use the word DISPLAY or WRITE. We used the Words Hello World! In single quotes because the content to be displayed was a Constant.
Similarly to Accept a Value from the user the Words INPUT or READ must be used.

Example : A Pseudocode for taking an input of two numbers and printing its Sum.
Example 2:

Note that the Steps in a pseudocode is collectively called as a construct. There are three types of programming construct Sequence ,Selection and Iteration. The example above is an Example of Sequence Constructs

Note : Many Companies Ask this Question when you apply for a Software Programmer's Post.
They also give many Problems problems and ask you to write a Pseudocode for those.

Hefin Dsouza

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