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Polycarbonate Solid Sheet

Posted By :momu131     Posted Date :March 29, 2018    Points :40   Category :ADO.Net 
Polyvalley diffusion PC sheets can refract, reflect or scatter the light between additives and resins so that to get the diffusion effect. The diffusion sheet also have general PC good properties as light weight, good impact resistance, flam retardancy, sound insulation, etc. and widely be used for advertising screen, auto vending machine, lamp house, exciter lamp, and so on.
Universal solid sheets overview:
Polyvalley PC sheets are flat with excellent physical and mechanical properties. Superior shock resistance as well as high elasticity makes them almost unbreakable. The PC solid sheet can be as clear as glass, but the density of PC is only 50% of glass, and is much more solid than glass. This is very important when high safety, long life expectancy and good light transmission are needed. The external side of Polyvalley PC sheet is coated with U.V. protection (can be on both sides if required) warranting resistance to aging due to atmospheric agents and UV rays. Polyvalley PC solid sheets are offered with 10 years warranty.
Polyvalley offers various special PC solid sheet such as diffusion sheet, frosted sheet, anti-scratch, ant-static,anti-fog sheets etc.
Our promise: As a professional Polycarbonate products manufacturer, we promise that all of our products are made of 100% new BAYER or GE raw material. And we give 10-year quality warranty
Typical specifications:
Very strong impact resistance, almost be unbreakable
Be cold bending, can be installed to any design free formation
Very high light transmission as glass
Good heat insulation
Light gravity weight, very suitable for installation
Double UV protection
PC solid sheets installation:
1) 10cm masking film around the sides should be taken off before installation. Only neutral glue could be used for sealing.
2) 5-10mm space should be kept on the connection part of two sheet in case of heat expansion. The space distance should be changed accordingly to different sheet length.
3) Masking film should be taken off immediately after finish installation
4) Expansion holes(1.5 times bigger than screw) should be drilled. Screw is banned to used for drilling the sheet directly
5) Screw can not be locked too tight in case of sheet breakage.
6) The UV side must be faced to the Sun.Polycarbonate Solid Sheet

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Customized PP Sanding Sheet

Yangzhou Chengsen Plastics Co.,Ltd. is located in Jiangsu province, China, specilizing in the production of widely used plastic sheet(ABS sheet, HIPS sheet, PP sheet, PVC sheet, PE sheet and functional composite sheet). Our products are widely used for Automobile internal decorative panel, Electric appliance panel, advertising, motors, interior of vehicles, luggage, furniture, cabinet, sanitaryware industry, building industry (doors, conservatories), kitchen ware, etc.

We own several imported automatic extrusion lines with a large annual output. Our products are sold both at home and abroad, Haier, Walmart are our representative customers.
Why choose us:
1. Professional team: Complete production line from raw material to finished product and experienced sales department.
2. Quality guarantee: There is a perfect quality assurance system to ensure the products meet customer's requirements.
3. Multi service: We are capable to develop our own products with proper workmanship and so as to produce the products with customized according to provided samples or molds.
4. certification show
We shall always be very pleased to enter into business relations with you on the basis of equality and mutual benefit.Customized PP Sanding Sheet
website:http://www.absgoods.com/ (More...)

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