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what are instance modes available

Posted By :Ashutosh Jha     Posted Date :August 31, 2014    Points :40   Category :.NET Framework 
There are 3 Instance Modes are available in WCF service:
a. Per Call
b. Per Session
c. Singleton

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Can we call a base class method without creating instance?

Its possible If its a static method.

Its possible by inheriting from that class also.

Its possible from derived classes using base keyword. (More...)

Difference between type constructor and instance constructor? What is static constructor, when it will be fired? And what is its use?

(Class constructor method is also known as type constructor or type initializer)
Instance constructor is executed when a new instance of type is created and the class constructor is executed after the type is loaded and before any one of the type members is accessed. (It will get executed only 1st time, when we call any static methods/fields in the same class.) Class constructors are used for static field initialization. Only one class constructor per type is permitted, and it cannot use the vararg (variable argument) calling convention. (More...)

What is Private Constructor? and it's use? Can you create instance of a class which has Private Constructor?

When a class declares only private instance constructors, it is not possible for classes outside the program to derive from the class or to directly create instances of it. (Except Nested classes)
Make a constructor private if:

1) You want it to be available only to the class itself. For example, you might have a special constructor used only in the implementation of your class' Clone method.

2) You do not want instances of your component to be created. For example, you may have a class containing nothing but Shared utility functions, and no instance data. Creating instances of the class would waste memory. (More...)

DetailsView Control can be displayed in which Modes?

1)ReadOnly Mode
2)Edit Mode
3)Insert Mode (More...)

What are the authentication modes in ASP.NET?

None, Windows, Forms and Passport. (More...)

What are the authentication modes in SQL Server?

Windows mode and mixed mode (SQL & Windows). (More...)

What are the different authentication modes in the .NET environment?

There are four authentication mode available in .NET environment

4)None (More...)

HDLC Data Transfer Modes?

Normal Response Mode (NRM) - Secondary station requires permission from primary station before sending data.

Asynchronous Response Mode (ARM) - Secondary station can transfer without permission from primary station.

Asynchronous Balanced Mode (ABM) - Either of the combined station can initiate the transmission. (More...)

How to create an instance of a user control programmatically in the code behind file of a Web Forms page

Create a new Web Forms page in Visual Studio.
Navigate to the code behind file generated for this Web Forms page.
In the Page_Load event of the Page class, write the following code.
// Load the control by calling LoadControl on the page class.
Control c1 = LoadControl("test.ascx");

// Add the loaded control in the page controls collection.


When creating a list definition, how can you create an instance of the list?

You can create a new instance of a list by creating an instance.XML file

How to find how many instance is running in local system?

For 2000 :

Step 1 : Run-->CMD-->c:\isq -l


step 2 : use master(QUery Analyzer)

Exe master..xp_cmdshell 'isql -L'

For 2005 :

Step 1 : Run-->CMD-->c:\osq -l


step 2 : use master(Query Analyzer)

Exe master..xp_cmdshell 'isql -L' (More...)

How do we get the name of the Oracle database instance that we have connected to through an SQL statement?

We can retrieve the instance name using the sys_context function.

To retrieve the Oracle instance name, we can execute the following SQL statement:

select sys_context('USERENV','DB_NAME') as Instance
from dual; (More...)

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