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What are the advantages of Asp.net N-Tier Architecture over single tier architecture.

Posted By :Ashutosh Jha     Posted Date :August 31, 2014    Points :40   Category :.NET Framework 
Below are the main advantages -
1. Code Maintainability
2. Standardization
3. Reduce the lines of code
4. Separation of layer is concern
5. Security
6. Re-usability

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Explain architecture of Notification Services?

Notification Services applications are based on a subscriber/subscription model.
The Key components in a Notification Services application are

Subscriber: A user or application that requests and receives the notification
Subscription: A request for information, delivery mechanism, and destination for requested notifications. For example change of a stock price.
Event: A piece of information, in which the subscriber is interested. For example as soon as a stock price has changed an event can be generated that's processed within SQLNS.
Notification: A message containing the information requested by the subscriber in the subscription.

SQLNS executes the following steps whenever it generates a new notification and sends it to registered subscribers:

.Subscribers create subscriptions with a subscription management application, such as an ASP.NET or Windows Forms front end.
.Subscription management is the only part of an SQLNS application where users or applications are actively involved in the process. You generate subscriptions using a managed assembly shipped with SQLNS.
.The Notification Application collects events, which are processed within the SQLNS application.
.SQLNS uses T-SQL statements to assign events to the subscriptions registered in the first step.
.SQLNS generates new notifications whenever it finds an assignment.
.A Formatter formats the new notification, and SQLNS delivers it through a delivery channel to the registered target device of the subscriber. (More...)

.Net architecture?

The order starting from the bottom
1. CLR (Common Language Runtime)
2. .Net framework base classe
3. ASP.Net Web Form / Windows Form (More...)

LAN Architecture?

(1). 802.3
(A). Defines a standard for physical layer and data link layer of the Ethernet architecture that uses wired connection.

(B). Ethernet is an architecture that mainly uses bus topology
Defines various cabling used for different types of topologies.

(2). 802.4
(A). Defines a standard for Token Bus architecture.

(B). Token bus is similar to token ring, but it uses coaxial cables.

(3). 802.5
(A). Defines a standard for Token ring architecture.

(B). Uses the 10 Base T cabling standard.

(C). Uses twisted pair cabling to connect devices instead of coaxial cable.

(D). Passes data from one computer to another like in a token bus network. (More...)

Explain the three services model (three-tier application).

Presentation (UI), business (logic and underlying code) and data (from storage or other sources). (More...)

what are the Steps to interact with database in connected architecture

1 import sql client.

2 create an obj for sql command

3 create an object for sql command by providing "query",cn.

4 open connection.

5 execute query.

6 close connetcion. (More...)

Explain the three services model commonly know as a three-tier application.

Presentation (UI), Business (logic and underlying code) and Data (from storage or other sources). (More...)

Physical N-Tier design


??Presentation Tier

?? Business Logic Tier

?? Data Tier (More...)

Logical N-Tier design

?? Presentation Layer
? Silverlight Controls
? Silverlight Toolkit
?? Business Logic Layer
? ASMX Web Services
? WCF RIA Services
?? Data Access Layer
? ADO.NET, Entity Framework
? ADO.NET Data Services
?? Data Storage Layer
? SQL Server
? Oracle
? DB2 (More...)

Can you give a overview of ADO.NET architecture ?

The most important section in ADO.NET architecture is “Data Provider”. Data Provider provides access to data source (SQL SERVER, ACCESS, ORACLE).
Command object(This is the responsible object to use stored procedures)
Data Adapter(This object acts as a bridge between datastore and dataset).
Datareader(This object reads data from data store in forward only mode). (More...)

What is SOA (service oriented architecture)

SOA - Services Oriented Architecture, is a kind of service oriented architecture used to support different kind of computing platforms and applications. Web services in asp.net are one of the technologies that supports that kind of architecture. we can call asp.net web services from any computing platforms and applications. (More...)

Which architecture does Datasets follow?

Disconnected data architecture. (More...)

What are the design goals of the SharePoint2013 app model architecture?

Apps must be supported in Office 365 and in on-premises farms.

App code never runs within the SharePoint host environment.

App code programs against SharePoint sites by using web service entry points to minimize version-specific dependencies.

App code is authenticated and runs under a distinct identity.

App permissions can be configured independently of user permissions.

Apps are deployed by using a publishing scheme based on app catalogs.

Apps that are published in a catalog are easier to discover, install, and upgrade. (More...)

What is the key architectural principles behind Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) ?

Its the ability to re-use existing software assets whenever possible and to expose the functionality of these assets as a set of services. (More...)

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