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what are the purpose of <appSettings> tag

Posted By :Ashutosh Jha     Posted Date :July 29, 2014    Points :40   Category :.NET Framework 
appSettings tag helps us to store the application settings information like connection strings, file paths, URLs, port numbers, custom key value pairs, etc.

<add key="ConString" value="Data Srouce=....."/>

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What is the main purpose of having Conversation Group?

It's a way of grouping all the dialogs that are used for a particular task. All the dialogs associated with processing a particular order would be grouped into a single conversation group. The conversation group is implemented as a conversation group identifier, which is included with all messages in all dialogs contained in the conversation group. When a message is received from any of the dialogs in a conversation group, the conversation group is locked with a lock that is held by the receiving transaction. For the duration of the transaction, only the thread that holds the lock can receive messages from any of the dialogs in the conversation group. This makes our order entry application much easier to write because even though we use many threads for scalability, any particular order is only processed on one thread at a time. This means we don't have to make our application resilient to problems that are caused by the simultaneous processing of a single order on multiple threads. (More...)

MONTHS_BETWEEN date function is used for what purpose?

MONTHS_BETWEEN is used to find the difference between two dates. (More...)

what is the purpose of "base" keyword in c# ?

There are two uses
1) used to access a base class constructor
2) used to access a base class member in the derived class. (More...)

What is strong name and what is the purpose of strong name ?

strong names are same as GUID in com.strong names are used
to deploy assembly in global assembly cache(GAC).

A name that consists of an assembly's identity-its simple
text name, version number, and culture information (if
provided)-strengthened by a public key and a digital
signature generated over the assembly.

Strong name is the identification of an assembly. To avoid
DLL heal we are using the string name. Syntex for creating
a strong name SN (More...)

What is the purpose of @@LANGUAGE statement?

To know the current language used. (More...)

What is the purpose of @@FETCH_STATUS statement in T-SQL?

To know the status of the last cursor FETCH statement issued against any cursor currently opened by the connection (More...)

What is the purpose of DATENAME fucntion

DATENAME returns the part of the date in a literal form.

Following is the example

What is the purpose of .ashx file?

ashx file is used as a web handler which produces output which is consumed by XML consumer client rather than browser (More...)

What is purpose to use Graphical user interface application?

Because the use of Graphical user interface application user friendly.
And easy to interact with application and users.
Also maintain very to other user. (More...)

"PostBackUrl" property is used for what purpose?

"PostBackUrl" property will redirect the user to the specified URL when user click the button or click some link for which the property is defined. (More...)

What two files are typically (this is kept generally) included when developing a content type, and what is the purpose of each?

There is generally the main content type file that holds things like the content type ID, name, group, description, and version. There is also the ContentType.Fields file which contains the fields to include in the content type that has the ID, Type, Name, DisplayName, StaticName, Hidden, Required, and Sealed elements. They are related by the FieldRefs element in the main content type file. (More...)

What is the WebPartManager sealed class? What is its purpose?

The WebPartManager sealed class is responsible for managing everything occurring on a WebPart page, such as the WebParts (controls), events, and misc. functionality that will occur in WebPartZones. For example, the WebPartManager is responsible for the functionality that is provided when you are working with moving a WebPart from WebPartZone to WebPartZone. It is known as the "the central class of the Web Part Control Set." (More...)

What is the purpose of YIELD Keyword in C#?

The yield keyword is used in an iterator block to provide a value to the enumerator object or to signal the end of the iteration. When used the expression is evaluated and returned as a value to the enumerator object. Note the expression has to be implicitly convertible to yield type of the iterator.

It takes one of the following forms:

yield return ;
yield break; (More...)

what is Bootstrap loader program? Explain its purpose?

Bootstrapping is a technique which activates more complex / complicated system of programs. When the system is started, a program called Basic Input Output System, initializes and tests the available computer system resources like peripherals, hardware, external memory devices are connected. Later it loads a program to allow the loading of larger programs, such as operating systems. In real sense, the operating system is loaded by BIOS boot strap loader. (More...)

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