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Explain SharePoint Object Model?

Posted By :abhays     Posted Date :June 05, 2014    Points :40   Category :SharePoint 
In Sharepoint Object model there are two Important namespaces.
The Microsoft.Office.Server namespace is the root namespace of all Office Server objects and Microsoft.SharePoint is the root namespace for all WSS objects.
The Chart Below illustrates some of the key classes contained in each of these namespaces, as well as to which functional area they belong.
Document Libraries (Microsoft.SharePoint)
SPDocumentLibrary , SPPictureLibrary
Business Data Catalog (Microsoft.Office.Server.ApplicationRegistry.Administration)
EntityCollection , ApplicationRegistry
Features (Microsoft.SharePoint)
SPFeatureDefinition, SPFeatureScope, SPElementDefinition, SPFeature, SPFeatureProperty
Sites (Microsoft.SharePoint)
SPSite, SPSiteAdministration, SPSiteCollection, SPWeb
Meetings (Microsoft.SharePoint.Meetings)
SPMeeting, MtgUtility
User Profiles (Microsoft.Office.Server.UserProfiles)
UserProfile, UserProfileManager
Solutions (Microsoft.SharePoint.Administration)
SPsolution, SPFeatureReceiver, SPSolutionCollection
Lists (Microsoft.SharePoint)
SPList, SPListItem, SPListItemCollection

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what is sharepoint client object model?


The Client Object Model is a new programming interface for SharePoint 2010 where code runs on a user's client machine against a local object model and interacts with data on the SharePoint Server. Client OM methods can be called from JavaScript, .NET code or Silverlight code and makes building rich client applications for SharePoint easy. (More...)

What Do you know about SharePoint Object Model?

In Sharepoint Object model there are two Important namespaces.

The Microsoft.Office.Server namespace is the root namespace of all Office Server objects and Microsoft.SharePoint is the root namespace for all WSS objects

What has Changed in SharePoint 2010 Object model?

Microsoft has replaced the "12 hive" structure that we had in SharePoint 2007 with "14 Hive" structure in 2010.

It has apparently added four new folders to its hive.

The Folders are :
* Policy
* UserCode
* WebClients
* WebServices (More...)

Q. What Do you know about SharePoint Object Model?


Ans. In Sharepoint Object model there are two Important namespaces, Microsoft.Office.Server and Microsoft.SharePoint . The Microsoft.Office.Server namespace is the root namespace of all Office Server objects and Microsoft.SharePoint is the root namespace for all WSS objects.

Q. How Do you use\refer External Javascript and Css file in your WebPart?

Ans. You can use javascript,Css or Image files placed in _Layouts or any other location by registering them on the webpart page.

Q. How Do you bind a Drop-Down Listbox with a Column in SharePoint List ?

Method 1 : You can get a datatable for all items in the list and add that table to a data set. Finally, specify the dataset table as datasource for dropdown listbox.

Method 2 : You can also use SPDatasource in your aspx or design page.

Q. What are the various tools used for creating the solutions?

Ans. Some of the common tools are

1. WsPBuilder

2. VSeWSS (Visual Studio extensions for WSS )

3. Stsdev


Write Program to Fetch the username using sharepoint object model

Spsite rootsite=new SPSite("http://svr-pc:1010/");
SPWeb Oweb=roosite.RootWeb;
SPUserCollection userList=rootWeb.AllUsers;
string usrnamr;
foreach(SPUser user in userList)

usrnamr= user.Name;
} (More...)

What is Object Oriented model?

This model is based on collection of objects. An object contains values stored in instance variables with in the object. An object also contains bodies of code that operate on the object. These bodies of code are called methods. Objects that contain same types of values and the same methods are grouped together into classes. (More...)

Explain the three services model (three-tier application).

Presentation (UI), business (logic and underlying code) and data (from storage or other sources). (More...)

Explain the ways to serialize the java object.

Object serialization could be used in different ways:

- Simple persistence of the object
- Reading from and writing to files
- RMI technology for communicating across hosts.

The encryption and decryption is left to the network transport. SSL or the like can be used when a secured channel is needed. (More...)

what are the classes in share point client object model?

1. Client Context
5.List Item

Explain the three services model commonly know as a three-tier application.

Presentation (UI), Business (logic and underlying code) and Data (from storage or other sources). (More...)

Why do we need Client Object Model?

Microsoft was constantly getting request from customers for more webservices. to make it easier to get data from outside of sharepoint (for example : to show sharepoint data on your desktop, by consuming a webservices), So there are two options: 1) Request microsoft to produce more web serivices or 2) Create your own custom web services, Instead creating more and more web services over and over agin in each release, Microsoft came up with a different approach , they created someting called 'Client Object Model'. (More...)

How many types of Client Object model extension are available in 2010 and when would you use one or the other.


Ans. To develop rich client side solutions, three set of client-side APIs has been introduced in the Microsoft.SharePoint.Client namespace. The three APIs are targeted for three different types of clients.
1. .net Managed applications - These are used when we have to create console applications or window applications, web applications which are not running inside SharePoint Contex.
2. For Silverlight applications
3. ECMAScript - It is a client object model extension for using with JavaScript or JScript. This is used for creating applications which are hosted inside SharePoint. For example, web part deployed in SharePoint site can use this JavaScript API for accessing SharePoint from browser using JavaScript. (More...)

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