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What are Terms and Term Sets?

Posted By :volvo     Posted Date :December 08, 2013    Points :40   Category :SharePoint 
In SharePoint a term is a word or a phrase that can be associated with an item. A term set is a collection of
related terms.

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What are Terms and Term Sets?

A term is a word or a phrase that can be associated with an item. A term set is a collection of related terms. (More...)

How do Terms And Term Sets relate to Managed Metadata?

Managed metadata is a way of referring to the fact that terms and term sets can be created and managed independently from the columns themselves. (More...)

Are there different types of Term Sets?

There are Local Term Sets and Global Term Sets, one created within the context of a site collection and the other created outside the context of a site collection, respectively. (More...)

What is the difference between ListBox (Filled with data) and DropDownList (Filled with data), in terms of SelectedIndex property?

The default value of the SelectedIndex property of the Listbox is -1, which indicates that no item is selected in the Listbox. However, the DropDownList control overrides this property and sets the default value to 0, which indicates the first item in the list. (More...)

What does the term immutable mean?

In object-oriented and functional programming, an immutable object is an object whose state cannot be modified after it is created.
The variable value may be changed, but the original immutable data value was discarded and a new data value was created in memory. Ex: String.
Making an object immutable is usually inappropriate if the object contains a large amount of changeable data.
So, For this reason .NET has the System.Text.StringBuilder class which is Mutable and appropriate for large amount of changeable data. (More...)

Which file sets the environment variables for Visual Studio?

The vsvars32.bat sets the environment variables for Visual Studio. You can find it from %Microsoft Visual Studio 2008\Common7\Tools\vsvars32.bat.

When you start the Visual Studio 2008 command prompt it automatically runs vsvars32.bat. (More...)

Select the correct statement that sets the priority of a thread among a group of threads to maximum.

1, threadObj.getPriority(THREAD.MAX_PRIORITY);
2, threadObj.setPriority(MAX_PRIORITY);
3, threadObj.setPriority(THREAD.PRIORITY);
4, threadObj.setPriority(THREAD.MAX_PRIORITY);

Answer : 4 (More...)

What does the term immutable mean?

Data value may not be changed (More...)

Which term describes an XML file that defines an object, such as Customer, Order, or Contact, that can be used in a business application?

External content types define data that is stored in a supported external system, such as a SQL Server database or other relational database, a SharePoint site, a Web service, or a custom data connector. (More...)

How are terms created and used?

There are several ways; however the most common is to use the Term Store Management Tool. (More...)

How is Managed Metadata, and the related Term technology used?

Through the UI, the most common use is through the managed metadata list column which allows you to specify the term set to use. It also related to searching and enhancing the user search experience. (More...)

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