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Difference between SharePoint List and Library

Posted By :volvo     Posted Date :November 18, 2013    Points :40   Category :SharePoint 
1. A Library is a List, but all lists are not libraries
2. In to a document library we can upload document which are not blocked file type and some content, which get stored in Content database.
3. A list on the other hand a just piece of data, just like SQL table although it is possible to store binary content in to list as well as using attachment.
4. And with a document library we can SPFileCollection.add(string, stream) - Document Library Accept a stream, means the content can be in memory, or disk or even a TCP/IP socket.
5. But with List we Only Can SPAttachmentCollection.Add(string, byte) only accepting a byte , means the attachment must fit entirely in one continuous block memory. It this is something you do with large file , your server memory may become fragmented
6. And we Can Publish a Infopath Form Template in document Library, and this problem is rise when we submit the Form in different place then where you published the form.
7. We can't create Folder in List but can in Doc. Library
8. Document library the Check in Check out functionality but not in List.
9. Document library support the Major and Minor Version of files and Folders. But in List only support the Major version. So that two people cannot change the same content at concurrently.
10. Some type of list have different functions like for instance people being only able to read their own posts, but these are not available in every type of list and are not available at all with document libraries and other libraries.
11. List have one special List Content type, same as list Library has also DocumentLibaray type content type.
12. Both list and Library are support Event handler and Workflow like features.

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Describe the difference between a list and a library in sharepoint?

Lists are collections of metadata or columns, that can have attached documents. Libraries are collections of documents (Excel, InfoPath, Word, etc.) plus optional metadata. (More...)

Difference between sharepoint List and Library

The main differences between SharePoint List and Library
1. A list is a collection of information that you share with team members.
Document libraries are collections of files that you can share with team members on a Web based on Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services. For example, you can create a library of common documents for a project, and team members can use their Web browsers to find the files, read them, and make comments.
2 We can attach multiple documents to one list item, but in document library there will be only one attachment.
3. In the List the title of the document is NOT indexed. So an end user would not be able to search on the title of the document. Example: I attached a document titled "Copy of Test SPDoc.doc" but after incremental indexing I get no results searching on the word "SPDoc." But we can perform searching by title in Document Library.

4. With a list we only can SPAttachmentCollection.Add(string, byte) only accepting a byte , means the attachment must fit entirely in one continuous block memory. It this is something you do with large file , your server memory may become fragmented.
With a document library we can SPFileCollection.add(string, stream) – The document library Accept a stream, means the content can be in memory, or disk or even a TCP/IP socket.
5. We can't display the name of the attached document in the List. We only see the paperclip that signifies the attachment. Whereas in document Library we are able to see Ttile of attachment or we can modify it.
6. We can’t check in and Check out in List whereas we can check in and check out in library.
7. We can have only major versioning in List whereas in document library we have both major and minor versioning.
7. We can publish a InfoPath Form Template in document library, and this problem arises when we submit the Form in different place

What is the difference between a document library and a form library in SharePoint?

Document libraries in SharePoint consist of your main/core documents. For example a word document, excel, PowerPoint, Visio, pdf, csv, notepad etc. Form libraries consist of XML forms. (More...)

What is the difference between SharePoint Portal Server and Windows SharePoint Services?

SharePoint Portal Server is the global portal offering features like global navigation and searching.Windows SharePoint Services is more content management based with document libraries and lists. You apply information to certain areas within your portal from windows share point Services or directly to portal areas. (More...)

What is a document library in SharePoint?

A document library in SharePoint is where you upload your main or core documents. Document Library is consist of a row and column view with links to the documents, When the document is updated and so is the link is created on your site. You can also track metadata of your documents. Meta data in SharePoint is consisting of document properties. (More...)

What is the difference between Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 for Internet sites and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007?

Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 for Internet sites and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server2007 have identical feature functionality. While the feature functionality is similar, the usage rights are different.If you are creating an Internet, or Extranet, facing website, it is recommended that you use Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 for Internet sites which does not require the purchase client access licenses. Websites hosted using an "Internet sites" edition can only be used for Internet facing websites and all content, information, and applications must be accessible to non employees.Websites hosted using an "Internet sites" edition cannot be accessed by employees creating, sharing, or collaborating on content which is solely for internal use only, such as an Intranet Portal scenario. (More...)

difference between backup file and .stp file in sharepoint site

A backup file is more like a DB snapshot (if you are talking about the backup operation of STSADM)

You can save a site with our without content as template and can create other sites based upon that site template. For that first you have to save your site as a template which will be saved with extension .STP, OOB there is limitation of 10MB in size but u can increase the size upto 2 GB using STSADM command. (More...)

What is the difference between System.Web.UI.WebControls.WebParts.WebPart and Microsoft.SharePoint.WebPartPages.WebPart?

Microsoft.SharePoint.WebPartPages.WebPart is provided in MOSS 2007 to provide backwards compatability with MOSS 2003 webparts. In MOSS 2007, it is recommended to use System.Web.UI.WebControls.WebParts.WebPart instead.

System.Web.UI.WebControls.WebParts.WebPart does not provides a feature to get or provide to to other webparts.

How to Update SharePoint List Items without Creating New Versions?

SystemUpdate method avoids updating modified and modifier fields.
here is the sample below.
SPSite site = new SPSite("http://mossportal/");
SPWeb web = site.OpenWeb();
SPList leaveslist = web.Lists["My Leaves"];
SPListItem collection = leaveslist.Items[0];
collection["Earned_x0020_Leaves"] = "1";
collection.Update(); (More...)

How do you return SharePoint List items using SharePoint web services?

In order to retrieve list items from a SharePoint list through Web Services, you should use the lists.asmx web service by establishing a web reference in Visual Studio. The lists.asmx exposes the GetListItems method, which will allow the return of the full content of the list in an XML node. It will take parameters like the GUID of the name of the list you are querying against, the GUID of the view you are going to query, etc.
Side Question: I got asked how I built queries with the lists.asmx web service. In order to build queries with this service, one of the parameters that the GetListItems method exposes is the option to build a CAML query. There are other ways to do this as well, but that was how I answered it. (More...)

When retrieving List items using SharePoint Web Services, how do you specify explicit credentials to be passed to access the list items?

In order to specify explicit credentials with a Web Service, you generally instantiate the web service, and then using the credentials properties of the Web Service object you use the System.Net.NetworkCredential class to specify the username, password, and domain that you wish to pass when making the web service call and operations.

What is the use of UpdateOverWriteVersion method in Sharepoint List?

This method updates the list item without creating another version. If we use Update Method it will create the versions.


Template ID for SharePoint Custom list,Docoument lib survry?

Sr.no Temple name Temple ID
1 Custom List 100
2 Document Library 101
3 Survey 102
4 Links Link 103
5 Announcements 104
6 Contacts 105
7 Events 106
8 Task List 107
9 Discussion Board 108
10 Picture Library 109

What is the difference between Array List and Array?

Array List:
1] Array List belongs to System.Collection namespace.
2] Size of the array can be increase and decrease
3] Can contain different types of data.

1] Array belongs to System namespace.
2] Size is fixed.
3] Can contain only one type of value. (More...)

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