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Define Types of windows services

Posted By :Narayanan     Posted Date :January 16, 2013    Points :40   Category :C# 
There are two types of windows services. Those are Win32OwnProcess , Win32ShareProcess .
a. Win32OwnProcess: It is a Win32 process that can be started by the Service Controller. This type of Win32 service runs in a process by itself.+
b. Win32ShareProcess: It is a Win32 service that allows sharing of processes with other Win32 services.

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What is the difference between SharePoint Portal Server and Windows SharePoint Services?

SharePoint Portal Server is the global portal offering features like global navigation and searching.Windows SharePoint Services is more content management based with document libraries and lists. You apply information to certain areas within your portal from windows share point Services or directly to portal areas. (More...)

What is Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services? How is it related to Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007?

Windows SharePoint Services is the solution that enables you to create Web site for information sharing and document collaboration. Windows SharePoint Services - a key piece of the information worker infrastructure delivered in Microsoft Windows Server 2003 - provides additional functionality to the Microsoft Office system and other desktop applications, and it serves as a platform for application development.Office SharePoint Server 2007 builds on top of Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 to provide additional capabilities including collaboration, portal, search,Enterprise content management,business process and forms, and business intelligence. (More...)

How do I invite users to join a Windows SharePoint Services Site? Is the site secure?

SharePoint-based Web sites can be password-protected to restrict access to registered users, who are invited to join via e-mail. In addition, the site administrator can restrict certain members' roles by assigning different permission levels to view post and edit. (More...)

Any User outside of organization to participate in my Windows SharePoint Services site

Yes. You can manage this process using the Administration Site Settings. Simply add users via their e-mail alias and assign permissions such as Reader or Contributor. (More...)

Are there any restrictions or requirements for accessing the Windows SharePoint Services?

No. There are no system or bandwidth limitations for international trial users. Additionally Language packs have been installed which allow users to set up sub-webs in languages other than English. These include: Arabic, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Hebrew, Italian,Japanese, Polish, Portuguese (Brazilian), Spanish and Swedish. (More...)

What is the relationship between Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server and Microsoft Windows Services?

Microsoft SharePoint Products and Technologies (including SharePoint Portal Server and Windows SharePoint Services) deliver highly scalable collaboration solutions with flexible deployment and management tools. Windows SharePoint Services provides sites for team collaboration, while Share Point Portal Server connects these sites, people, and business processes-facilitating knowledge sharing and smart organizations. SharePoint Portal Server also extends the capabilities of Windows SharePoint Services by providing organizational and management tools for SharePoint sites, and by enabling teams to publish information to the entire organization. (More...)

What are Windows Services?

Windows services are long running executable applications that typically do not possess any user interface, are controlled by the Service Control Manager (SCM) and can even be configured to start automatically after the system boots. They typically execute in their own windows sessions. They can execute even if the user has not logged in to the system. They can even be started, paused, re-started manually. These applications are somewhat similar to the daemon processes of UNIX in the sense that they remain dormant most of the time and execute in the background as and when needed. (More...)

What are the benefits of using Windows Services:

The following are the benefits of using Windows Services:

· Network connection management

· Disk access monitoring

· Security control of application

· Log messages related to the application's requirements

How secure are Windows SharePoint Services sites hosted by Microsoft?

Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services Technical security measures provide firewall protection, intrusion detection, and web-publishing rules. The Microsoft operation center team tests and deploys software updates in order to maintain the highest level of security and software reliability. Software hot-fixes and service packs are tested and deployed based on their priority and level of risk. Security related hot-fixes are rapidly deployed into the environment to address current threats. A comprehensive software validation activity ensures software stability through regression testing prior to deployment. (More...)

How to install and uninstall Windows Services ?

In order to install and uninstall Window Services. First we have to open the command prompt of Visual Studio and we have to move to the project folder where the .exe file is located and then we have to type :

For Installing : installutil -i ServiceName.exe

For Uninstalling : installutil -u ServiceName.exe (More...)

What are the Types of Configuration files in Windows Application?

Application Configuration
Machine Configuration File
Security Configuration File

types of window services.

Win32ShareProcess (More...)

Can I customize my Windows SharePoint Services site?

YES! Windows SharePoint Services makes updating sites and their content from the browser easier then ever.SharePoint includes tools that let you create custom lists, calendars, page views, etc. You can apply a theme; add List, Survey and Document Library Web Parts to a page; create personalviews; change logos; connect Web Parts and more.To fully customize your site, you can use Microsoft FrontPage 2003. Specifically, you can useFrontPage themes and shared borders, and also use FrontPage to create photo galleries and top tenlists, utilize standard usage reports, and integrate automatic Web content. (More...)

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