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Namespaces are required to enable the use of databases in ASP.NET pages?

Posted By :Jack Hard     Posted Date :November 04, 2012    Points :40   Category :ASP.Net 
The following namespaces are required to enable the use of databases in ASP.NET pages:

1:The System.Data namespace.

2:The System.Data.OleDb namespace (to use any data provider, such as Access, Oracle, or SQL)

3:The System.Data.SQLClient namespace (specifically to use SQL as the data provider)

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Do I have to use one programming language for all my Web pages in .NET?

No. Each page can be written in a different programming language if you want, even in the same application. If you are creating source code files and putting them in the \App_Code folder to be compiled at run time, all the code in must be in the same language. However, you can create subfolders in the \App_Code folder and use the subfolders to store components written in different programming languages. (More...)

Can I add more than one .xaml pages in silverlight application?

Yes, you can have multiple .xaml files in a single project.

In the App.xaml, in the method Application_Startup you can choose, which page you want to

initially display. (More...)

Let us say the SQL Server crashed and you are rebuilding the databases including the master database what procedure to you follow?

For restoring the master db we have to stop the SQL Server first and then from command line we can type SQLSERVER -m which will basically bring it into the maintenance mode after which we can restore the master db. (More...)

Is Multiple Pages possible In Single asp.net Page?

We can achieve this in simple way by using FrameSet .... (More...)

Where is the actual physical storage of all database information and what s required for establishing a connection with Database?

Control files,data files and redo log files are the files which help in the physical storage for Database information.

Oracle Server is a database management system that provides open,integrated approach for information management.It consists of oracle database and a oracle instance.To connect to a database first of all we need to make a user connection and create a session. (More...)

For designing binary counter which type of flip-flop is required?

We require D-Type flip-flops to design binary counter. (More...)

How to get values across multiple pages using ViewState?

Ans. In page1.aspx

button_1click envent
ViewState["name"] = txtTest.Text;



In page2.aspx

In page_load

Page obj= this.PreviousPage;

TextBox txtNewTest = (TextBox)obj.FindControl("txtTest");

string sDisplay = txtNewTest.Text.ToString();




Name the two classes are required for implementing a Windows Service?

The following two classes are required for implementing a Windows Service:

· System.ServiceProcess.ServiceBase

· System.Configuration.Install.Installer (More...)

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