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How would you add a link in the Ribbon?

Posted By :Gowthammanju     Posted Date :November 30, 2011    Points :40   Category :SharePoint 
You can add any link or Custom Action under any of the existing tabs of the ribbon or can create a new a new tab and place your links under it.

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What is logical link control?

It one of two sublayers of the data link layer of OSI reference model, as defined by the IEEE 802 standard.

This sublayer is responsible for maintaining the link between
computers when they are sending data across the physical network connection. (More...)

What is embedded style? How to link?

The HEAD area, where the TITLE and META tags are found, is also used to store CSS commands.
These are called embedded CSS. Any embedded CSS command will over-ride an external CSS command of the same tag. Embedded commands are more specific to the page.

Embedded CSS codes are placed within the HEAD area of the page code. That is anywhere after the tag and before the tag. NOT in the HEAD tag itself.

Now, whenever any of those elements are used within the body of the document, they will be formatted as instructed in the above style sheet. (More...)

How do we link different servers using Tsql?

using sp_addlinkedserver, sp_addlinkedsrvlogin (More...)

Can SQL linked server can be use to link oracle?

Yes, Oracle has oledb provider for oracle provided by Microsoft that can be used to link it to SQL server group (More...)

Why to dynamically link library instead statically linking the library

Using dynamic linking instead of static linking offers several advantages. DLLs save memory, reduce swapping, save disk space, upgrade easier (More...)

How does Ribbon works ?


Ans. A file called CMDUI.XML stays at the web front end which contains the Out-of-Box site wide Ribbon implementation i.e. all the Ribbon UI for the entire site. In addition to this you have a CustomAction for each ribbon component. These CustomActions have CommandUIExtentions block which has CommandUIDefinitions and CommandUIHandlers which make up the activity of the ribbon component. So, when the ribbon is loaded the CommandUIDefinition merges with Out-of-Box definition in the CMDUI.XML

What is Ribbon in SharePoint 2010?

The Ribbon Bar, is one of the finest improvements that Microsoft added to Office 2007 . SharePoint 2010 follows the same path. The ribbon basically, is a toolbar that appears across the top of each page in SharePoint.

The top-level elements in the Ribbon are tabs. Each tab organizes a set of groups (like Edit.Browse) and contains a set of controls. The controls inside the groups include buttons, drop-down menus, check boxes, combo boxes, split buttons, and galleries. In short, the users now can see the options like checkOut,Check In, Edit Page,Publish Page, delete page under edit tab, on the top of the Page itself.

How to hide "All site content" Link in SharePoint

.s4-specialNavLinkList {
Display: none;
} (More...)

how to hides the out-of-the-box Ribbon on the current page?

SPRibbon.GetCurrent(this.Page).CommandUIVisible=false; (More...)

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