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Is CSS case-sensitive or not?

Posted By : LEANORD     Posted Date :October 27, 2011    Points :40   Category :JavaScript/VBScript 
no it not a case-sensitive

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Is XML case-sensitive?

Yes XML case-sensitive? (More...)

Is SQL case sensitive?

No SQL is not case sensitive? (More...)

Is CSS case sensitive?

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is not case sensitve. However, font families, URLs to images, and other direct references with the style sheet may be.

If your page uses an XML declaration and an XHTML DOCTYPE then the CSS selectors will be case-sensitive for some browsers, if your page uses a HTML DOCTYPE then your CSS selectors will be case-insensitive.

It is a good idea to avoid naming classes where the only difference is the case, for example:
div.myclass { ...}
div.myClass { ... } (More...)

Is XML case-sensitive?

Yes, so and are different elements. (More...)

What is the difference between XML and HTML?Is XML case sensitive?

XML describes data while HTML describes how the data should be displayed.HTML is about displaying information while XML is about describing information. XML can be used to store the data.

XML is case sensitive (More...)

Is XML case-sensitive?

Yes,it is a Case-sensitive (More...)

Is XML case-sensitive?

Yes Is XML case-sensitive language. (More...)

Are XML tags are case-sensitive?

Yes, XML tags are case sensitive. (More...)

Is it possible to use InProc mode for sessionState in case of web garden?

No, it's not possible. As InProc mode is dependent on the worker process and in case of web garden, we have multiple worker process so session handling becomes difficult. Either we can use StateServer or SQL server mode for web garden.

Thanks. (More...)

Create First Letter As Drop Case By Using CSS Styles?

color: Maroon;
font-size: 500%;



How to use Pascal and camel case in a Program?

Pascal Casing :First Character of all words are upper case and other characters are lower case.
Camel Casing: First charater of all words,except the first word are upper case and Other characters are lower case.
Pascal Casing :Class Name and Method Name
Camel Casing: Variables and Method Parameter

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