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What is the difference between inner HTML and append() in JavaScript?

Posted By : LEANORD     Posted Date :October 26, 2011    Points :40   Category :JavaScript/VBScript 
Inner HTML is not standard, and its a String. The DOM is not, and although inner HTML is faster and less verbose, its better to use the DOM methods like append Child(), first Child.node Value, etc to alter inner HTML content.

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Difference Between GET and POST methods in HTML

Difference Between GET and POST methods

1) Data is appended to the URL.
2) Data is not secret.
3) It is a single call system
4) Maximum data that can be sent is 256.
5) Data transmission is faster
6) This is the default method for many browsers

1) Data is appended to the URL.
2) Data is Secret
3) It is a two call system.
4) There is no Limit on the amount of data.That is characters any amount of data can be sent.
5) Data transmission is comparatively slow.
6) No default and should be Explicitly specified. (More...)

What is difference between xml and html?

XMl describe the data or we can say its like a database which get the data and helps in fetching the data on the other side HTML is use only for displayng the data so we can say HTML is static information displayer (More...)

What is the difference between Client side JavaScript and Server side JavaScript?

Client side java script comprises the basic language and predefined objects which are relevant to running java script in a browser. The client side java script is embedded directly by in the HTML pages. This script is interpreted by the browser at run time.

Server side java script also resembles like client side java script. It has relevant java script which is to run in a server. The server side java scripts are deployed only after compilation. (More...)

How to set a HTML document's background color in JavaScript?

Using document object the back ground color can be changed by JavaScript. The following example illustrates it.

. (More...)

What is the difference between XML and HTML?Is XML case sensitive?

XML describes data while HTML describes how the data should be displayed.HTML is about displaying information while XML is about describing information. XML can be used to store the data.

XML is case sensitive (More...)

What are the main difference between HTML and XML?

HTML is for presenting the data , whereas XML is used to transfer data between applications and databases.

HTML has data ,whereas XML describes the data.
HTML can include video, audio,pictures, etc.. whereas XML doesnt. (More...)

Difference between ASP.Net Table and HTML Table?

I think,
ASP.Net Table:
Horizontal -align is supported
Text Blink is not supported
HTML Table:
Horizontal -align is not supported
Text Blink is supported

These are the Difference between ASP.Net Table and HTML Table.

Difference between XML and HTML?

XML : designed to Transport and Store Data.
HTMl: designed to Display Data.
XML : Tages are not Predefined .Defined your Own Tags
HTMl: Tags are predefined. (More...)

Difference between JavaScript and jQuery?

JavaScript is a language While jQuery is a library built in the JavaScript language that helps to use the JavaScript language. (More...)

Difference between Jquery and Javascript

1.Developers need to handle by writing their own Javascript code whereas JQuery is a multi-browser JavaScript library designed to simplify the client-side scripting of HTML.

2.If you use JavaScript, you need to write you own scripting which may take time.Whereas If you use Jquery, you need not to write much scripting which already exists in JQuery.

3.JavaScript is a language. Example: JQuery like a foriegn language which is already built by Javascript which is unknown to you what kind of JS is written there, you are just using it.
JQuery is a framework built with JavaScript to help JavaScript programmers who are doing common web tasks. Example: But if you goto a country where it is spoken, a guide can still help you along, making your journey easier. jQuery is one of many frameworks which provide help in areas that can be frustrating when writing plain JavaScript.


What is the difference between HTML DIV and SPAN tags?

1) DIV: It is block-line and used to group larger chunks of HTML code.

SPAN: It is in-line and usually used for a small chunk of HTML code, inside a line.

2) DIV: It, itself, inserts a line break Or CR(Carriage Returns), at the starting and ending point of it.

SPAN: It does not insert any kind of line break Or CR(Carriage Returns), at the starting and/or ending point of it.

3) DIV: It has most important attributes, like: "style", "class" and "id".

SPAN: It does not have any required attributes, but the three, that are the most useful, are the same as for the DIV element, like: "style", "class" and "id".

4) DIV: Paragraph elements(

) can be put inside a DIV, but DIV can't be put inside the Paragraph elements.

SPAN: Paragraph elements(

) can't be put inside a SPAN, but SPAN can be put inside the Paragraph elements. (More...)

What is the difference between html and xhtml?

HTML with predefined guidelines for standarization, is called XHTML. (More...)

What is the difference between width="100" and width="100%" in HTML?

"100"takes only 100px where as "100%" takes available space. (More...)

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