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In C# what is the difference between String and string

Posted By :Narayanan     Posted Date :October 21, 2011    Points :40   Category :C# 
they are same

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Difference between String.Empty and ""

The main difference is lies on memory management.

String.Empty will not create any object of string where as "" (Double Quote or Empty Quote) will create a new object in the memory for the checking the objects. (More...)

difference between string and StringBuilder?

String is immutable & StringBuilder is mutable.
Means we can add, remove or append the words in stringbuilder but not in string. And stringbuilder have larger range of storing than string. (More...)

What is Difference Between ToString() vs Convert.ToString() vs (string) cast

There is a simple but important difference between these three.

ToString() raise exception when the object is null

So in the case of object.ToString(), if object is null, it raise NullReferenceException.

Convert.ToString() return string.Empty in case of null object

(string) cast assign the object in case of null

So in case of
MyObject o = (string)NullObject;

But when you use o to access any property, it will raise NullReferenceException.

Difference between System.String and System.StringBuilder classes?

-- System.String is immutable; System.StringBuilder can have mutable string where a variety of operations can be performed. (More...)

What is the difference between string and stringbuilder?

Objects of type stringBuilder are mutable, whereas objects of string are immutable (More...)

What is the difference between String and StringBuilder?

When we use string object ot concatenate two strings , the first string is concatenate to the other string by creating a new copy in the memory as string object , and the old string is deleted , this process is very long so we say strings are immutable.SO we use string builder object where append method is used.
Stringbuilder is faster than string operation as copy is done at the same loication (More...)

Difference between String vs StringBuilder?

String Class
Once the string object is created, its length and content cannot be modified.
Even after object is created, it can be able to modify length and content.
Faster (More...)

Difference between String vs string?

1.String is a class(System.String)
2.String is a Reference type(class)

1.string is an alias name of String class that is created by microsoft
2.string is an value type(data type)
3.string is a C# keyword
4.string is a compiler shortcut for System.String class (More...)

What is difference between System.String and System.StringBuilder classes?

String and StringBuilder classes are used to store string values but the difference in them is that String is immutable (read only) by nature, because a value once assigned to a String object cannot be changed after its creation. When the value in the String object is modified, a new object is created, in memory, with a new value assigned to the String object. On the other hand, the StringBuilder class is mutable, as it occupies the same space even if you change the value. The StringBuilder class is more efficient where you have to perform a large amount of string manipulation. (More...)

What is the difference between convert.to.string and .to.string() method?

Convert function handles nulls while i.string() does not it will throw a null reference exception error. (More...)

To create a string literal exclude escape sequence

@string. With adding @ at the beginning you can escape literal (More...)

String is an...........

String is an Object Type. where other data types are reference type in .NET (More...)

Where do you store connection string?

Database connection string can be stored in the web config file.
The connection string can be stored in the WEB.Config file under
element. (More...)

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