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Why to dynamically link library instead statically linking the library

Posted By :Vinodh     Posted Date :September 27, 2011    Points :40   Category :.NET Framework 
Using dynamic linking instead of static linking offers several advantages. DLLs save memory, reduce swapping, save disk space, upgrade easier

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What is static linking and dynamic linking library

Dynamic linking includes only the information needed at runtime to locate the code for a DLL function but in static linking , the linker gets all of the referenced function from a static library and places into your code. (More...)

If any .NET language has access to everything in the Base Class Library, why is there so much talk about C#?

Although in theory all .NET languages have equal access to the BCL, in reality it was left up to the language teams to determine what level of support they wanted to offer, at least beyond the minimums needed for basic compliance. In our opinion, C#, because it was developed as a new language specifically for the .NET platform, has the best support for .NET applications. (More...)

What is a document library in SharePoint?

A document library in SharePoint is where you upload your main or core documents. Document Library is consist of a row and column view with links to the documents, When the document is updated and so is the link is created on your site. You can also track metadata of your documents. Meta data in SharePoint is consisting of document properties. (More...)

What is the difference between a document library and a form library in SharePoint?

Document libraries in SharePoint consist of your main/core documents. For example a word document, excel, PowerPoint, Visio, pdf, csv, notepad etc. Form libraries consist of XML forms. (More...)

Describe the difference between a list and a library in sharepoint?

Lists are collections of metadata or columns, that can have attached documents. Libraries are collections of documents (Excel, InfoPath, Word, etc.) plus optional metadata. (More...)

How will you maintain a Session values in Class Library?

Using HttpContext class

HttpContext.Current.Session["Value"] (More...)

What is class library in .NET

class library is a collection of prewritten, ready-made software routines that act as templates for programmers to use in writing object-oriented application programs

For More Reference:


What is the difference between a document library and a form library?

Document libraries consist of your core documents. An example would be a word document,excel, Powerpoint, visio, pdf, etc. Form libraries consist of XML forms. (More...)

What is a document library?

A document library is where you upload your core documents. They consist of a row and columnview with links to the documents. When the document is updated so is the link on your site. Youcan also track metadata on your documents. Metadata would consist of document properties. (More...)

If I wanted to restrict the deletion of the documents from a document library, how would I go about it?


Ans. You would create a event receiver for that list/library and implement the ItemDeleting method. Simply, set: properties.Cancel= true and display a friendly message using Properties.Message("How can u delete this... Its not your stuff!"); (More...)

what is mean by .NET Framework Class Library?

contains thousands of classes organized logically through a namespaces. You can add these classes in your web or Windows application where needed to reduce developing time (More...)

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