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What is Bulk insert?

Posted By :shankey     Posted Date :July 31, 2011    Points :40   Category :Others 
It is use to import data from a data file into database table or views.

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How many Columns per INSERT statement is allowed

4096 Columns allowed in per Insert SQL (More...)

Why is it not a good idea to insert code into InitializeComponent method when working with Visual Studio?

The designer will likely throw it away; most of the code inside InitializeComponent is auto-generated. (More...)

Can we insert a blank row using BindigSource Class?

Yes, we can create a blank row using AddNew() Method. but if we have any checkbox that we are binding with binding source then we can't insert blank row we need to add some value for those column with whcih we are binding checkbox. (More...)

Can we insert a value for the identity Column in Sql Server?

Yes, We can insert the value for Identity column




INSERT INTO #Temp(ID, EmpName)
Values(10, 'Alwyn Duraisingh.M')

What precautions should be taken while using dealing with insert, update, delete statement?

1) Always use update and delete statement in transaction i.e by using explicit commit.

2)Before executing update and delete statement, first create them on the basis of select satement.

3)Finally before executing the update and delete query on the production server always keep habit to execute it on the non-production server. (More...)

What are the things we have to follow when switching from the SIMPLE recovery model to the FULL or BULK-LOGGED recovery model ?

1. Once we complete the switching to the FULL or BULK-LOGGED recovery model, we have to take a full or differential database backup to start the log chain.

2. Then only it takes effect after the first data backup.

3. Schedule regular log backups and update your restore plan accordingly to maintain high-availability/Disaster recovery

What are the things we have to follow when swithing from FULL or BULK-LOGGED to SIMPLE recovery model ?

1. Before switching from FULL or BULK-LOGGED recovery model, We have to take LOG Backup immediately before switching to SIMPLE.

2. It will help us to recover Point-In-Time(If any)

3. Finally, we can switch to SIMPLE recovery model. (More...)

Can we insert data into a View in Sql Server?

Yes. Use INSTEAD OF Trigger on Views and achieve insert or update (More...)

How to insert records in a table using records from existing table ?

insert into TableName (field1,field2,field3)
select colA,colB,colC from OtherTable (More...)

How to insert single quote at the start and end of every column in excel sheet.

use the below formula in the result column like belwo-

Suppose in A2 you have 500 and in B2 you want '500' then do the following-
B2= "'"&A2&"'" (More...)

How to insert filter on various LIST webparts by using HTML FORM webpart in SharePoint 2010?

To insert a filter on List webpart by HTML Form webpart in SharePoint 2010,
1. Insert a HTML Form editor webpart on the same page where we have list that we want to filter.
2. Point to HTML webpart, click the 'down arrow', click 'connections' and point to 'Provide form value to' option.
3. Click the name of the webpart to which we want filter
4. In the 'Choose Connection' dialog box and click the 'Configure Connection' tab.
5. In the 'Form Connection Type' menu, select the field that matches the information from the HTML Form webpart
6. Click Finish. (More...)

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