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How to Read and ADD in CAS

Posted By :Karthikeyan Anbarasan     Posted Date :May 30, 2011    Points :40   Category :.NET Framework 
syntax on read and add in CAS

See CAS objects -- Run 'caspol -lg' from command line.

Add CAS objects -- caspol -ag 1.3 -site www.mydomain.com FullTrust

Change CAS obj -- caspol -cg 1.3 FullTrust

Turn Off -- caspol -s off

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How can I read .doc document in ASP.Net?

You can read from a text file like this.
private void Button12_Click(object sender, System.EventArgs e)
string path="C:Inetpub ew1.txt";
using(StreamReader reader=new StreamReader(path))
string line;
while ((line=reader.ReadLine())!=null)
} (More...)

Is it possible to set SessionState to readonly mode? Readonly mode means, we can only read data from session but we can not write any data in session variable?

Yes, it is possible.
EnableSessionState property has a value "Readonly" which actually makes the session state read only.

Thanks. (More...)

We see and read PROXY can you define what is it ?

Definition: proxy: In communications, a proxy is something that acts as a server, but when given requests from clients, acts itself as a client to the real servers. Analogy: Consider talking to somebody who speaks a foreign language through a translator. You talk to the translator, who receives your statements, then regenerates something else completely to the other end. The translator serves as your proxy. Key point: The communication terminates at the proxy. In other words, the proxy doesn't forward data so much as it tears it completely apart. For example, an HTTP proxy doesn't forward every request sent through it. Instead, it first examines if it already has the requested web page in its cache. If so, then it returns that page without sending another request to the destination server. Because proxies completely terminate the communication channel, they are considered a more secure firewall technology than packet filters, because they dramatically increase the isolation between the networks. Key point: You will occasionally be scanned for proxies. ISPs scan their users for proxies. Hackers scan the Internet looking for proxies they can anonymize their connections with. Certain servers (like IRC servers) scan clients for proxies in order to prevent anonymous connections. Several websites maintain lists of such proxies. e.g. http:/ /proxys4all.cgi.net/ From Hacking-Lexicon (More...)

Difference between View Permission and Read Permission

View Permission - Users with Read only permissions can view the content using Client side application like Excel or InfoPath. It allows users to open a Web site, list, or folder in order to access items inside that container. View items in lists, documents in document libraries, and view Web discussion comments.

Read Permission - Users with View only permissions cannot view the content using Client side application like Excel or InfoPath. Like they can view only Server side rendering items.It allows Users to View items in lists, documents in document libraries, and view Web discussion comments. Open Items and View the source of documents with server-side file handlers.

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