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What are the simple Escape sequences write with their unicode Character encoding.

Posted By :Srikanth     Posted Date :April 22, 2011    Points :40   Category :C# 
There are 11 Different simple Escape Sequences they are :

Escape Sequence = \' ,CharacterName= SingleQuote and UnicodeEncoding=0x0027

Escape Sequence = \'' ,CharacterName= DoubleQuote and UnicodeEncoding=0x0022

Escape Sequence = \\ ,CharacterName= BackSlash and UnicodeEncoding=0x005c

Escape Sequence = \0 ,CharacterName= Null and UnicodeEncoding=0x0000

Escape Sequence = \a ,CharacterName= Alert and UnicodeEncoding=0x0007

Escape Sequence = \b ,CharacterName= BackSpace and UnicodeEncoding=0x0008

Escape Sequence = \f ,CharacterName= FormFeed and UnicodeEncoding=0x000c

Escape Sequence = \n ,CharacterName= NewLine and UnicodeEncoding=0x000A

Escape Sequence = \r ,CharacterName= CarriageReturn and UnicodeEncoding=0x000D

Escape Sequence = \t ,CharacterName= HorizantalTab and UnicodeEncoding=0x0009

Escape Sequence = \v ,CharacterName= VerticalTab and UnicodeEncoding=0x000B

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To create a string literal exclude escape sequence

@string. With adding @ at the beginning you can escape literal (More...)

What is difference between encoding and encryption

The Main difference between encoding and encryption are the Key

Both are used for manipulating string

Encoding : Is the way to manipulating without any key. Means the character or number is replaced by one another using some method

Encryption : Is also a way to change Data with Key. Means to encrypt string you need to have key to encrypt and the same way using that key you can decrypt the encrypted string or data. (More...)

What is 'Write-ahead log' in Sql Server 2000 ?

Before understanding it we must have an idea about the transaction log files. These files are the files which holds the data for change in database .
Now we explain when we are doing some Sql Server 2000 query or any Sql query like Sql insert query,delete sql query,update sql query and change the data in sql server database it cannot change the database directly to table .Sql server extracts the data that is modified by sql server 2000 query or by sql query and places it in memory.Once data is stores in memory user can make changes to that a log file is gernated this log file is gernated in every five mintues of transaction is done. After this sql server writes changes to database with the help of transaction log files. This is called Write-ahead log. (More...)

How you will write a Connection String in web.Config fiel?

Ans) Then write below lines of code:

add name="sqlconnectionstring" connectionString="Data Source=INTHIYAAZ;Initial Catalog=DB;User ID=sa;Password=sa" />

Is it possible to set SessionState to readonly mode? Readonly mode means, we can only read data from session but we can not write any data in session variable?

Yes, it is possible.
EnableSessionState property has a value "Readonly" which actually makes the session state read only.

Thanks. (More...)

How to find data with generics list in VB.NET (Write code).

In the code example below, the function "FindData" will return list("sublist") of the objects having matchingKey same as viewstate value.
Dim sublist As List(Of MyClass)
sublist = allClient.FindAll(AddressOf FindData) 'sublist will contain objects matching specified matching condition

Function FindData(ByVal b As MyClass) _
As Boolean
If (b.matchingKey = CInt(ViewState("matchingKey "))) Then 'matching condition
Return True
Return False
End If
End Function (More...)

Write and justify output of - select nullif('test','test')

The output will be - NULL
Justification : nullif returns NULl if given two arguments are same else returns the first specified argument. So, for the given SQL, output will be NULL. (More...)

What's the difference between Response.Write() andResponse.Output.Write()?

Response.Output.Write() allows you to write formatted output but Response.Write doesnt allow.

Example:Response.Output.Write("{0:d}", "Current Date Time: ", DateTime.Now) (More...)

Can you write a class without specifying namespace? Which namespace does it belong to by default??

Yes, you can, then the class belongs to global namespace which has no name. For commercial products, naturally, you wouldn't want global namespace (More...)

What is Wildcard character in SQL Server ?

Wildcard characters Determines whether a given character string matches a specified pattern.
A pattern can include regular characters and wildcard characters.
During pattern matching, regular characters must match exactly the characters specified in the character string. Wildcard characters, however, can be matched with arbitrary fragments of the character string.
Using wildcard characters makes the LIKE operator more flexible than using the = and != string comparison operators.

There are 2 Wildcard characters i.e. '%' and '_'
Any string of zero or more characters.
WHERE title LIKE '%computer%' finds all book titles with the word 'computer' anywhere in the book title.

_ (underscore)
Any single character.
WHERE au_fname LIKE '_ean' finds all four-letter first names that end with ean, such as Dean or Sean. (More...)

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