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execute scalar and execute non query

Posted By :siri.k     Posted Date :March 12, 2011    Points :40   Category :.NET Framework 
executescalar: returns single value after the execution of the query

ExecuteNonQuery : ExecuteNonQuery is used for execution of DML command. used with insert and update commands

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What is the difference between Execute Reader, Execute Scalar and Execute Non Query methods?

Execute Reader
Execute Reader will be used to return the set of rows, on execution of SQL Query or Stored procedure using command object.

Execute Scalar
Execute Scalar will be used to return the single value, on execution of SQL Query or Stored procedure using command object.

Execute Non Query
If the command or stored procedure performs INSERT, DELETE or UPDATE operations, then we use Execute Non Query method. Execute Non Query method returns an integer specifying the number of rows inserted, deleted or updated.


What is the difference between Execute Scalar and ExceuteNoneQuery?

Execute Scalar returns the value in the first row first column of a query result set.

ExceuteNonQuery return number of rows affected. (More...)

what is used to execute a .net file from the command prompt ?

csc is C# compiler abbreviation is C Sharp Compiler (More...)

What are the ways available in SQL Server to execute SQL statements?


SQL Server uses different ways to execute SQL statements which are listed below.

1)Single SQL statement processing
2)Batch processing
3)Stored procedure and trigger execution
4)Execution plan caching and reuse
5)Parallel query processing


Name of the task that is used to execute batch file in SSIS package?

Execute Process Task is used to execute batch files. (More...)

Can we Execute stored procedure in another stored procedure?

Yes, We can Execute stored procedure in another stored procedure... (More...)

How to execute .Net program with Windows scheduler


1) Compile your program and create exe
2) Navigate to All programs -> Accessories -> System Tools - Scheduled Tasks. Then Click Add Scheduled Tasks
3) It will open Scheduled Task wizard , Click Next
4) Click Browse button and Select your application
5) Click next, fill scheduling details
6) Click next , Fill you windows credentials
7) finish


How can we execute a function that is defined in a package using Oracle/PLSQL?

We can execute a function by running an following SQL statement.

select package_name.function_name (15000)
from dual; (More...)

Where the data Store when we execute C# program

When we execute the Program That Temporarily Stored in Memory (More...)

What is Query evaluation engine?

It executes low-level instruction generated by compiler. (More...)

What is Query binding ?

The binding of an object to a query (More...)

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