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What is lambda expressions

Posted By :Blessy Baby     Posted Date :February 02, 2011    Points :15   Category :C# 
A lambda expression is an unnamed method written in place of delegate instance.It has th following form

(Parameter => expression or state,ent block.
eg: y=>x*x;

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How to find the index of element using Where() with Lambda Expressions?

Use the two argumented Lambda method

Where((i, ix) => i == ix); (More...)

What is the namespace used for regular expressions?

System.Text.RegularExpressions namespace (More...)

In Analysis service what is the technology used define the expressions?

Multidimensional Expressions also abbrevated as MDX (More...)

What is Lambda Expression?

msdn: A Lambda expression is an anonymous function that can contain expressions and statements.

All lambda expressions use the => (goes to) operator

The left side of => holds the parameters if any
The right side holds the expressions or statements

There are expression lambdas and statement lambdas (More...)

Is the method Where() using lambda expression returns values immediately.

Nope. It is deferred execution. It will return an object which contains the information to execute the query. The actual filtering happens when the enumeration of elements starts.

The enumeration could be started by using a foreach loop. (More...)

What is a Lambda expression?

A Lambda expression is nothing but an Anonymous Function, can contain expressions and statements. Lambda expressions can be used mostly to create delegates or expression tree types. Lambda expression uses lambda operator => and read as 'goes to' operator.

Example: myExp = myExp/10;

The => operator has the same precedence as assignment (=) and is right-associative.

Lambdas are used in method-based LINQ queries as arguments to standard query operator methods such as Where. (More...)

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