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How To Place Comments Between ASP.NET Tags?

Posted By :Mannu     Posted Date :January 13, 2011    Points :15   Category :ASP.Net 
<asp:GridView ID="GridView1" runat="server" AutoGenerateColumns="False">
<%-- This is important column --%>
<asp:ImageField DataImageUrlField="ImageFileName"</asp:ImageField>

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What method is used to place a value onto the top of a stack?

push() method, Push is the direction that data is being added to the stack. push() member method places a value onto the top of a stack. (More...)

What is the best place to start Silverlight application?

There is no hard and fast rule to start Silverlight application. Every developer can start as per his/her experience.
like as per my case I always prefer Visual Studio. SO, in my view Visual Studio is the best place to start with Silverlight2 applications.Microsoft provides
templates for creating Silverlight applications and libraries in C#
and Visual Basic. (More...)

Can you place two .dll files with the same name in GAC (Global Assembly Cache)?

Yes, provided both have different versions.
GAC is a Folder that contains .dll that have strong name. So we can keep myproject.dll and myproject.dll two files into GAC with different version like and (More...)

What's the difference between // comments, /* */ comments and /// comments?

Single-line, multi-line and XML documentation comments. (More...)

By Default, ASP.NET does not allow HTML tags to be sent to server via client side due to security reason. Which property needs to be set that allows HTML tags to be processed by server?

ValidateRequest Property needs to be set to false. By default it's true so it does not allow unencoded HTML tags to be processed at server. It can be set at page level or at application level via web.config. (More...)

You are designing a GUI application with a window and several widgets on it. The user then resizes the app window and sees a lot of grey space, while the widgets stay in place. What's the problem?

One should use anchoring for correct resizing. Otherwise the default property of a widget on a form is top-left, so it stays at the same location when resized. (More...)

Can you give an example of what might be best suited to place in the Application_Start and Session_Start subroutines?

The Application_Start event is guaranteed to occur only once throughout the lifetime of the application. It's a good place to initialize global variables. For example, you might want to retrieve a list of products from a database table and place the list in application state or the Cache object. SessionStateModule exposes both Session_Start and Session_End events. (More...)

How many Comments in C#.net?

Three Comments in C#.net

XML Comments (More...)

What are the Comments in C#.net?


S.No Comment Symbol Comment Descr

1 // Single-Line Comment
2 /* */ Muliti-Line Comment
3 /// XML Doc Comment
_____________________________________________________________ (More...)

how we use Comments In VBSCRIPT

Ans: With Help of single quote character(')
(Ex. 'This is command) (More...)

Are XML tags are case-sensitive?

Yes, XML tags are case sensitive. (More...)

What is the difference between HTML DIV and SPAN tags?

1) DIV: It is block-line and used to group larger chunks of HTML code.

SPAN: It is in-line and usually used for a small chunk of HTML code, inside a line.

2) DIV: It, itself, inserts a line break Or CR(Carriage Returns), at the starting and ending point of it.

SPAN: It does not insert any kind of line break Or CR(Carriage Returns), at the starting and/or ending point of it.

3) DIV: It has most important attributes, like: "style", "class" and "id".

SPAN: It does not have any required attributes, but the three, that are the most useful, are the same as for the DIV element, like: "style", "class" and "id".

4) DIV: Paragraph elements(

) can be put inside a DIV, but DIV can't be put inside the Paragraph elements.

SPAN: Paragraph elements(

) can't be put inside a SPAN, but SPAN can be put inside the Paragraph elements. (More...)

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