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What are cross joins?

Posted By :Karthikeyan Anbarasan     Posted Date :January 07, 2011    Points :15   Category :Sql Server 
? A cross join that does not have a WHERE clause produces the Cartesian product of the tables involved in the join.
? The size of a Cartesian product result set is the number of rows in the first table multiplied by the number of rows in the second table.
? Example: is when company wants to combine each product with a pricing table to analyze each product at each price.

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cross page posting in ASP.NET2.0???

When we have to post data from one page to another in application we used server.transfer method but in this the URL remains the same but in cross page posting there is little different there is normal post back is done but in target page we can access values of server control in the source page.This is quite simple we have to only set the PostBackUrl property of Button,LinkButton or imagebutton which specifies the target page.In target page we can access the PreviousPage property.And we have to use the @PreviousPageType directive.We can access control of PreviousPage by using the findcontrol method.When we set the PostBackURL property ASP.NET framework bind the HTML and Javascript function automatically. (More...)

can you tell all types of joins?

1) equi joins
2) non equi joins
3) self joins
4) caresian joins
5) outer joins
-full (More...)

What is Cross-Page Posting?

Whenever you send a request to the server it sends request to the same page. Cross_page posting means it will send request to the another page. we can achieve. this through postback url property (More...)

Can We Rewrite Subqueries Into Simple Select Statements Or With Joins?

Subqueries can often be re-written to use a standard outer join, resulting in faster performance. As we may know, an outer join uses the plus sign (+) operator to tell the database to return all non-matching rows with NULL values. Hence we combine the outer join with a NULL test in the WHERE clause to reproduce the result set without using a sub-query. (More...)

Difference between Server.Transfer and Cross Page Posting

In 'Server.Transfer', the URL doesn't change whereas in cross page posting, the form is submitted to a different page, thereby changing the url.
The Server.Transfer method is a server-based operation whereas cross-page postback is a client-based transfer. (More...)

which are basic selectors in jQuery (cross browser)?

->Element ID's
->CSS class name
->Tag name
->last but not the least DOM hierarchy. (More...)

What is Cross Page Posting? How is it done?

By default, ASP.NET submits a form to the same page. In cross-page posting, the form is submitted to a different page. This is done by setting the 'PostBackUrl' property of the button(that causes postback) to the desired page. In the code-behind of the page to which the form has been posted, use the 'FindControl' method of the 'PreviousPage' property to reference the data of the control in the first page. (More...)

Database: List different types of joins.

Inner join, Outer join, Self join (More...)

Database: List different types of outer joins.

Left outer join, right outer join, full outer join (More...)

different kinds of Joins.


joins in SQL SERVER

Joins Actualy performs Two or more table combined into a single result set..

Three are Four Types of joins in SQL SERVER.

1) inner join
2) Outer join(Left outer join,Right outer join)
3) Full join
4) Cross join

Sriram.R (More...)

Difference between cross join and Full outer join

Cross Join :
No join conditions are specified.
Results in pairs of rows.
Results in Cartesian product of two tables.

Full Outer Join:
A combination of both left and right outer joins.
Results in every row from both of the tables , at least once.
Assigns NULL for unmatched fields. (More...)

What is Cross-site publishing?

Cross-site publishing lets you store and maintain content in one or more authoring site collections, and display this content in one or more publishing site collections. (More...)

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