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What is Project Compatibility in VB6?

Posted By :Ghanashyam Nayak     Posted Date :January 03, 2011    Points :15   Category :VB.Net 
With this setting, VB will generate new interface ID's for classes whose interfaces have changed,
but will not change the class ID's or the type library ID. This will still cause any compiled client
components to fail (with error 429!) but will not report a missing reference to the 'VB ActiveX
Test Component' when a client project is loaded in the VB IDE. Recompilation of client
components will restore them to working order again.

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Can I easily rename a solution or project?

Yes-right-click from the Solution Explorer and choose Rename.You'll also have to edit the namespace declarations in any source code files you've created. (More...)

Where is image data loaded into ImageList controls actually stored in the project?

Each form has an associated resource file (with a .resx extension) where image data and localized strings are stored.You can see this by clicking the Show All Files icon in the Solution Explorer. (More...)

What are the steps you need to follow to use jQuery in ASP.Net project?

It's really simple. One just need to add reference of javascript file(.js). Go to Jquery.com and download the latest version of jQuery. When download is completed, there is a "jQuery-1.3.2.js" in the folder. Include this file

and you good to go now for JQuery.

Note : 1.3.2 denotes the library version.. It can be vary depending upon the version of Jquery you download. (More...)

is it possible to add APP_Code folder in web application project in Visual Studio 2005 or later?

No. It's not possible. Web application project does not allow users to add app_code folder where website project does. (More...)

In a survey it was calculated that 75 men could complete a piece of work in 20 days. When work was scheduled to commence, it was found necessary to send 25 men to another project. How much longer will it take to complete the work?

30 days.


One day work = 1 / 20
One man's one day work = 1 / ( 20 * 75)

No. Of workers = 50
One day work = 50 * 1 / ( 20 * 75)
The total no. of days required to complete the work = (75 * 20) / 50 = 30 (More...)

How will you set the compatibility level for your Sql Server Database?

we can set the compatibility level using the below command

for Sql Server 2000:

EXEC sp_dbcmptlevel databasename, 80;

for Sql Server 2005:

EXEC sp_dbcmptlevel databasename, 90;

for Sql Server 2008:

EXEC sp_dbcmptlevel databasename, 100; (More...)

What are types of compatibility in VB6?

There are three possible project compatibility settings:
? No Compatibility
? Project Compatibility
? Binary Compatibility (More...)

What is No Compatibility in VB6?

With this setting, new class ID's, new interface ID's and a new type library ID will be generated by
VB each time the ActiveX component project is compiled. This will cause any compiled client
components to fail (with error 429!) and report a missing reference to the 'VB ActiveX Test
Component' when a client project is loaded in the VB IDE. (More...)

What is Binary Compatibility in VB6?

VB makes it possible to extend an existing class or interface by adding new methods and properties
etc. and yet still retain binary compatibility. It can do this, because it silently creates a new interface
ID for the extended interface and adds registration code to register the original interface ID but
with a new Forward key containing the value of this new interface ID. COM will then substitute
calls having the old ID with the new ID and hence applications built against the old interface will
continue to work (assuming the inner workings of the component remain backward compatible!).
With this setting, VB will not change any of the existing class, interface or type library ID's, however
in order that it can do so, VB requires the project to specify an existing compiled version that it can
compare against to ensure that existing interfaces have not been broken. (More...)

Explain what is Extender provider component? How to use this in the project?

This is a component which provides properties and features to other components or controls. This mechanism is usually used in windows forms applications. The examples of extender provider components are ToolTip, HelpProvider, and ErrorProvider etc.

Use an extender provider in your project:
. With the help of ProvidePropertyAttribute, you can specify the name of the property that an implementer of IExtenderProvider provides to other controls, attribute to specify the property.
. Then use the provided property and try to find which control receives your provided property.
. After that use IExtenderProvider, this defines the interface for extending properties to other components. (More...)

What's difference between Web Application Project vs Web Site Project in Visual Studio

Web Site Project is deployed with source code to the server and all compilation takes place at runtime.

Web Application Projects, the code behind classes are compiled to dll. That dll is deployed and at runtime, the compiled code in the dll and the markup is combined to create a class which is used by the server to render output. (More...)

How can we remove compatibility view setting (which is default for intranet websites) through code.

You can simply do it using the below code. Just write down the code in head section of the aspx page.


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