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What is Dependency Injection?

Posted By :Jean Paul     Posted Date :December 24, 2010    Points :15   Category :.NET Framework 
It is the mechanism through with dynamic capabilities are added in the runtime. Most of the time it would be through proxy classes.

Some frameworks in this regard are:
Spring.Net, NInject, Enterprise Library Policy Injection etc.

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What is SQL Cache Dependency in ASP.NET?

SQL cache dependencies is new technique in ASP.NET 2.0 onwards which can automatically invalidate a cached data object just like a Dataset. when the related data is modified in the database. So for instance if you have a dataset which is tied up to a database tables any changes in the database table will invalidate the cached data object which can be a dataset or a data source.

To enable this we need a syntax that is as follows in visual studio command prompt type the following command

aspnet_regsql -ed -E -d (More...)

What is SQl injection ?

It is a Form of attack on a database-driven Web site in which the attacker executes unauthorized SQL commands by taking advantage of insecure code on a system connected to the Internet, bypassing the firewall. SQL injection attacks are used to steal information from a database from which the data would normally not be available and/or to gain access to an organization's host computers through the computer that is hosting the database.

SQL injection attacks typically are easy to avoid by ensuring that a system has strong input validation.

As name suggest we inject SQL which can be relatively dangerous for the database.

Example this is a simple
SQL SELECT email, passwd, login_id, full_name FROM members WHERE email = ''x''

Now somebody does not put "x" as the input but puts "x ; DROP TABLE members;".

So the actual SQL which will execute is :-
SELECT email, passwd, login_id, full_name FROM members WHERE email = ''x'' ; DROP TABLE members; (More...)

What are dependency properties?

Using the properties of a class into another class is called as dependency properties (More...)

What is SQl injection?

SQl injection is a form of attack on a database-driven Web site. it happens by the attacker executes unauthorized SQL commands by taking advantage of insecure code on a system connected to the Internet, bypassing the firewall. Through the SQl injection, data can be stealed from the database. Also application can be crashed in some scenarios. (More...)

What is sql injection?

SQL Injection is not a thing to implement
its infact a security attack, the most common form is, you provide the attributes
of the query in URL or some field (e.g. text box), so others can
inject their own sql in the URL, or in the text box, hence, when ur page will
do post back, it can do any thing with the SQL database using any SQL statement (More...)

What is "Functional Dependency"?

Suppose there are two sets of attributes, X and Y. Then Y is said to be functionally dependent to X if a given value for each attribute in X uniquely determines the value of the attributes in Y.
Here X is called the determinant of the functional dependency and the functional dependency is denoted as X--->Y (More...)

What are dependency properties?

These dependency properties belong to one class but can be used in another.
Consider the below code snippet:-

Height and Width are regular properties of the Rectangle. But Canvas. Top and Canvas. Left is dependency property as it belongs the canvas class. It is used by the Rectangle to specify its position within Canvas. (More...)

What is SQL Cache Dependency in ASP.NET?

SQL Cache Dependency in ASP.NET: It is the mechanism where the cache object gets invalidated when the related data or the related resource is modified. It is a feature in SQL Server 2005 and SQL Server 2000.

3 types of SQL-cache dependencies exist:

a. Other cache items.
b. Files/folders.
c. Dependencies on a database query. (More...)

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