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How to prevent my .NET DLL to be decompiled?

Posted By :Ghanashyam Nayak     Posted Date :December 10, 2010    Points :15   Category :VB.Net 
By design .NET embeds rich Meta data inside the executable code using MSIL. Any one can easily
decompile your DLL back using tools like ILDASM (owned by Microsoft) or Reflector for
.NET which is a third party. Secondly there are many third party tools which make this decompiling
process a click away. So any one can easily look in to your assemblies and reverse engineer them
back in to actual source code and understand some real good logic which can make it easy to
crack your application.
The process by which you can stop this reverse engineering is using "obfuscation". It's a technique
which will foil the decompilers. There are many third parties (XenoCode, Demeanor for .NET)
which provide .NET obfuscation solution. Microsoft includes one that is Dotfuscator Community
Edition with Visual Studio.NET.

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