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what is early and late binding?

Posted By :Syed Shakeer Hussain     Posted Date :September 19, 2010    Points :10   Category :.NET Framework 
when we call a non virtual method it decide at compile time and this is called early binding. while if method calling decide at runtime is called late binding.

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What is Early Binding and Late Binding?

Early Binding is just Assigning values to the Variables at design Time

Late Binding Is The concept of assigning values to the variables at runtime (More...)

What is Query binding ?

The binding of an object to a query (More...)

What is dynamic binding ? How is it different from static binding?

With dynamic binding, the decision on which object method to call is made at runtime.Dynamic binding is polymorphism. with static binding, the decision to on which method to call is made at compile time.c# uses static binding as the default method dispatching mechanism. (More...)

What is 'One-way-to-Source ' binding property?

In One-way-to-Source binding when the target property changes, the source object gets updated. (More...)

Which standard binding could be used for a service that was designed to replace an existing ASMX web service?

The basicHttpBinding standard binding is designed to expose a service as if it is an ASMX/ASP.NET web service. This will enable us to support existing clients as applications are upgrade to WCF.


What is direct binding?

Direct binding in Biztalk Server 2004 can be used to send messages from one Orchestration to another and can also be used to send messages directly into the message box.

In Direct Binding, properties like BTS.SPID, BTS.ReceivePortID, etc are not exploited automatically by orchestration ports.

So, BizTalk does not manage the binding of orchestration ports to messaging Receive and Send ports.

Developers can control subscriptions and message context to route messages. (More...)

How do we use MSMQ binding in WCF?

Message queue allows applications running at different times to send and read messages from queues. WCF uses transactional queue to capture messages, delivered and stored (More...)

Can we have multiple endpoints for different binding types in order to serve different types of clients?

Yes, we can have multiple endpoints for different binding types. For example, an endpoint with wsHttpBinding and another one with netTcpBinging. (More...)

What are the types of Binding in WCF?

Binding is nothing; how the service can be access with different endpoints.

Types of Binding

1. BasicHttpBinding
2. WsHttpBinding
3. WsDualHttpBinding
4. WsFederationHttpBinding
5. NetTcpBinding
6. NetNamedPipeBinding
7. NetMsMqBinding
8. NetPeerTcpBinding

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