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How do you generate documentation from the C# file commented properly with a command-line compiler?

Posted By :Ghanashyam Nayak     Posted Date :September 14, 2010    Points :10   Category :C# 
Compile it with a /doc switch

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what is used to execute a .net file from the command prompt ?

csc is C# compiler abbreviation is C Sharp Compiler (More...)

What is the command name to shrink the data file and log file size in SQL server 2005?

The command name is : DBCC SHRINKDATABASE (Database Name)

This command will shrink the data file and log file size. With this command you can specify that how much percentage space you want to free.

dbcc shrinkdatabase (TempDAabase,10)

This command will free only 10% space. (More...)

what is the use of Command Line Arguments?

on start ->Run a run prompt appears and you type notepad.exe to runt he notepad application. Suppose you want to open particular file in notepad you can pass the command line argument like

Notepad.exe c:\MyLogFile.txt

The above statement will open the notepad application with the mentioned filed name.

Comming to programming life i would like to give few examples, which indicates the importance of command line arguments

1. Invoking a com component with different performance options
devEnv.exe /SafeMode
devenv.exe /reset
devenv.exe /nosplash
such command line arguments are used to start the application with different configuration settings

2. Start the executable with different language code passed during the execution
MyApplication.exe /en-US
MyApplication.exe /en-UK
MyApplication.exe /in-HN

It is upto the MyApplication.exe to handle how the command line arguments are used.

3. Suppose you have an application which should run differently depending on the client code or location code .You can pass thorugh command line.

static void Main(strng[] args) here args array recieves the command line arguments when invoking the program
args[0] 1st parameter
args[1] 2nd parameter and so on.... (More...)

Is there a way to generate more then on .xap file from a same silverlight application.

Since for each .xap file we have to create a new silverlight application.

What happens when we issue Dataset.ReadXml command?

Reads XML schema and data into the DataSet. (More...)

What command is used to create a table by copying the structure of another table?


Explanation :

To copy only the structure, the WHERE clause of the SELECT command should contain a FALSE statement as in the following.
If the WHERE condition is true, then all the rows or rows satisfying the condition will be copied to the new table. (More...)

Disadvantage in File Processing System?

1.Data redundancy & inconsistency.
2.Difficult in accessing data.
3.Data isolation.
4.Data integrity.
5.Concurrent access is not possible.
6.Security Problems. (More...)

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