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What are the Uses Of Triggers?

Posted By :Mallikarjuna Chigicherla     Posted Date :August 04, 2010    Points :10   Category :Sql Server 
Prevent Changes
log Changes(Keep copy of Old data)
Replicate data(Stores Record for Every page)

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What are the differences among batches, stored procedures, and triggers?


A batch is a group of one or more SQL statements. SQL Server compiles the statements of a batch into a single executable unit, called an execution plan. The statements in the execution plan are then executed one at a time.

stored procedure :
A stored procedure is a group of SQL statements that is compiled one time and can then be executed many times.

A trigger is a special type of stored procedure that is not called directly. Trigger is fired each time row is affected by Insert, Update or Delete command.


What are the different Types of Triggers?

1)Insert Triggers
2)Update Triggers
3)Delete Triggers
4)Instead of Triggers

Name the Types of Triggers in WPF?

There are three types of triggers in WPF:

1)Property Triggers - run when the value of a dependency property changes.
2)Data Triggers - run when the value of any .NET property changes, using data binding.
3)Event Triggers - run when a routed event occurs.

Can we work on both (After) and (InsteadOf) Triggers in SQL on a single table?

We can create any type of triggers on a single table . But the thing is if we have Instead Of Trigger created on a table until and unless it is disabled or deleted we cannot work on After Triggers.
At a single stretch we cannot work on both the types.

How many different types of triggers available ? what are they?

There are mainly 3 different types of triggers they are

DML Triggers

The Database operations could be done by using Insert,Update,Delete
In this there are 2 different options a) After b) Insted Of

DDL Triggers

The Database operations that could be done using this are Create,Alter,Drop

CLR Triggers

User Defined Triggers (More...)

What are the Advantages of using SQL Triggers ?

Different Advantages of Using SQL Triggers :

. It can catch the errors in business logic at the database level.

. It provides an alternative way to run scheduled tasks.

. It is very much useful when we use it to audit the change the data in a database table.

. Using SQL trigger,we don't have to wait to run the scheduled tasks. we can handle
those tasks before or after changes being made to database tables.

. It provides an alternative way to check integrity. (More...)

What are the Disadvantages of using SQL Triggers ?

Disadvantages of Using SQL Triggers :

. Trigger can provide extended validation and it cannot be replaced with all the validations.

. Simple validations can be done at the application level itself .

. Triggers executes invisibly from client-application which connects to the database server.So it is difficult to figure out what happens at the database layer.

. Triggers runs on every update made to the table therefore it adds more load to the database and cause the system to run slow.

What are the Different Types of Triggers?

1)DML Trigger
2)DDL Trigger

1 )
1.1)Instead of Trigger
1.2)After Trigger (More...)

What are the two types of Triggers in SQL Server?

1. After Triggers : Fired after Insert, Update and Delete operations on a table.
2. Instead of Triggers: Fired instead of Insert, Update and Delete operations on a table.


How many types of triggers are there?

1. Insert
2. Delete
3. Update
4. Instead of (More...)

Tell me types of triggers?

Instead of (More...)

How many types of triggers

There are three types of triggers.
DML Triggers
--> AFTER Triggers
--> INSTEAD OF Triggers
DDL Triggers
CLR Triggers (More...)

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