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How To Get TOP 2 Salary From Salary Table

Posted By :Mallikarjuna Chigicherla     Posted Date :August 03, 2010    Points :10   Category :Sql Server 
SELECT TOP (2) Salary
FROM Salary

You can also find related Interview Question to How To Get TOP 2 Salary From Salary Table  below: 

If you 1Lakh records of employee in a table, then how will you get the 4th highest salary from the table?

SELECT TOP 1 * FROM [EmpTable] WHERE [salary] NOT IN (SELECT DISTINCT TOP 3 salary FROM [temp1] ORDER BY [salary] DESC) ORDER BY salary DESC (More...)

How to find out Second highest salary from a table?

select max(salary) from emp where salary not in(select max(salary) from emp) (More...)

How do retrieve the third lowest salary from salary table?


SELECT salary_amount
FROM (select salary2.*, rownum rnum from
(select * from salary ORDER BY salary_amount) salary2
where rownum <= 3 )
WHERE rnum >= 3;

What is the query to get second higest salary of Employee table?

select MAX(Salary) from Employee WHERE Salary NOT IN (select MAX(Salary) from Employee ); (More...)

Findout Top 2 Highest Salary By Using sql query?

Select Top(2) Salary from Table name Where order By Salary Desc (More...)

How to find out 3rd Highest Salary?

Select Min(Salary) As Salary from Tablename where Salary In(Select
distinct top 3 salary from tablename order by salary desc) (More...)

Write a query to get the second maximum salary using Sql Server 2005 function?


SELECT Salary, RANK() OVER (ORDER BY Salary DESC) AS MaxSalary
FROM dbo.Employee
) a
WHERE MaxSalary = 2

Write Query to get nth Highest Salary in SQL Server

Select TOP 1 Salary as
from (SELECT DISTINCT TOP nth Salary from Employee ORDER BY Salary DESC)
a ORDER BY Salary ASC (More...)

Write Query to get nth Lowest Salary in SQL Server

Select TOP 1 Salary as
from (SELECT DISTINCT TOP n Salary from Employee ORDER BY Salary ASC)
a ORDER BY Salary DESC (More...)

What are the privileges that can be granted on a table by a user to others?

Insert, update, delete, select, references, index, execute, alter, all (More...)

What command is used to create a table by copying the structure of another table?


Explanation :

To copy only the structure, the WHERE clause of the SELECT command should contain a FALSE statement as in the following.
If the WHERE condition is true, then all the rows or rows satisfying the condition will be copied to the new table. (More...)

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