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WHAT is update statistics

Posted By :parthiban     Posted Date :July 27, 2010    Points :10   Category :Sql Server 
When we have to do a large processing on data just like deletion,updation or bulk copy so we have to update the indexes to take these changes into account so to do this UPDATE STATISTICS is used.

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Is it possible to update a connection string stored in the Web.config file programatically? If Yes, then how?


Create a Configuration object. Then, update the connection string using the ConnectionStrings collection. Finally, call Configuration.Save. (More...)

How To Update Description Value for a Column in Table using SQL Command?

We can Update Description to Column using sp_updateextendedproperty System Store Procedure.
Sample Command to Update Description for Column in a Table:

EXEC sys.sp_updateextendedproperty @name=N'MS_Description', @value=N'My Description for Column Here' , @level0type=N'SCHEMA',@level0name=N'dbo', @level1type=N'TABLE',@level1name=N'MyTableName', @level2type=N'COLUMN',@level2name=N'ColumnName' (More...)

How to Update SharePoint List Items without Creating New Versions?

SystemUpdate method avoids updating modified and modifier fields.
here is the sample below.
SPSite site = new SPSite("http://mossportal/");
SPWeb web = site.OpenWeb();
SPList leaveslist = web.Lists["My Leaves"];
SPListItem collection = leaveslist.Items[0];
collection["Earned_x0020_Leaves"] = "1";
collection.Update(); (More...)

How to update and retrieve value from a session state object?

To add or update a session state item use the following syntax,
[CODE]Session["Item Name"]= value;[/CODE]
Ex:- [CODE]Session["Name"]= Abhisek;[/CODE]
You can also pass a variable.

To to retrieve a session state items value use following ,
[CODE]String name=Session["Name"].ToString();[/CODE]
You can also retrieve to other formats according the session state item's data. (More...)


Partial Upadate of a web page ,Like what ever the controls we place in update panel those will be be loaded
on every action update panel control.
Those controls which are placed outside the update panel are loaded on page submission to server.


How can we implement update progress in weplication?

The following code shows how to create Progress Bar Using AJAX.
There is an UpdatePanel , which has a Button into it. And Place an UpdateProgress which perform the defined progress for the action happens inside the UpdatePanel by any of the controls within it.

Since i have an UpdateProgress within the UpdatePanel, and have set the AssociatedUpdatePanelID="UpdatePanel1". The UpdateProgress has the "gif" image which looks like a progress.

Place a gif image of a progress bar and impletement the same thing for showing the progress to the user.

Please find the attachments if you are not able to see the design.


" height="12" alt=""/>


Can you update the data in a view?

Answer: A view is created by joining one or more tables. When you update record(s) in a view, it updates the records in the underlying tables that make up the view.

So, yes, you can update the data in a view providing you have the proper privileges to the underlying tables. (More...)

What precautions should be taken while using dealing with insert, update, delete statement?

1) Always use update and delete statement in transaction i.e by using explicit commit.

2)Before executing update and delete statement, first create them on the basis of select satement.

3)Finally before executing the update and delete query on the production server always keep habit to execute it on the non-production server. (More...)

How to update record in a table using records in another table in SQL Server ?

update tableOne set tableOne.field1=tableTwo.fieldX from tableOne, tableTwo where tableOne.commonID=tableTwo.commonID (More...)

How to update record in a table using records in another table in SQL Server ?

update tableOne set tableOne.field1=tableTwo.fieldX from tableOne, tableTwo where tableOne.commonID=tableTwo.commonID (More...)

What is the main difference between using SPListItem.Update() and SPListItem.SystemUpdate()?

Using SystemUpdate() will not create a new version and will also retain timestamps whereas SPListItem.Update() create a new version. (More...)

What is update panel and script manager in .NET

Update panel is used when you are working with some of the asp.net controls like dropdown box, buttons and you don't want the whole page to get refreshed after each event then put that section of controls inside the update panel. And script manager is used to support the update panel. You can define script manager directly from the .net tool box-

And update panel you can use like this-


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