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what is left outer join?

Posted By :BangaruBabuPureti     Posted Date :June 23, 2010    Points :10   Category :Sql Server 

Matched records from the tables and unmatched records from left table.

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Difference between cross join and Full outer join

Cross Join :
No join conditions are specified.
Results in pairs of rows.
Results in Cartesian product of two tables.

Full Outer Join:
A combination of both left and right outer joins.
Results in every row from both of the tables , at least once.
Assigns NULL for unmatched fields. (More...)

Explain Left Anti Semi Join Operator?

The Left Anti Semi Join operator returns the result set for each row from the first (top) input when there is no matching row in the second (bottom) input. If no join predicate exists in the Argument column, each row is a matching row. Left Anti Semi Join is a logical operator. (More...)

What is Thread.Join() in threading ?

There are two versions of Thread.Join :-
. Thread.join().
. Thread.join(Integer) this returns a Boolean value.
The Thread.Join method is useful for determining if a thread has completed before starting another task. The Join method waits a specified amount of time for a thread to end. If the thread ends before the time-out, Join returns true; otherwise it returns False. Once you call Join, the calling procedure stops and waits for the thread to signal that it is done.
Example you have "Thread1" and "Thread2" and while executing 'Thread1" you call "Thread2.Join()".So "Thread1" will wait until "Thread2" has completed its execution and the again invoke "Thread1".
Thread.Join(Integer) ensures that threads do not wait for a long time. If it exceeds a specific time which is provided in integer the waiting thread will start. (More...)

How do I invite users to join a Windows SharePoint Services Site? Is the site secure?

SharePoint-based Web sites can be password-protected to restrict access to registered users, who are invited to join via e-mail. In addition, the site administrator can restrict certain members' roles by assigning different permission levels to view post and edit. (More...)

What is a Join in SQL Server?

Join puts data from two or more tables into a single result set. (More...)

How do we join the values in an array?

Using the method Join() as follows.

var arr = new Array();
arr = ["one","two","three","four"];
alert(arr.join(",")); (More...)

Get data from 2 tables using join?

Select s.name,s.code,m.eng,m.math from Student S INNER Join Marks m on s.RollNo=m.RollNo; (More...)

Performance wise which one is the best? IN,EXISTS or INNER JOIN

It depends.

Generally speaking JOINs are much better than EXISTS & EXISTS is better than IN, performance wise.

If your result set is small then you can use IN or EXISTS.

But if result set contains a large set of records, then use JOINS.


Database: List different types of outer joins.

Left outer join, right outer join, full outer join (More...)

What is Inner Join?

return rows when there is at least one match in both tables. (More...)

What is mean by JOIN and Types of JOIN?

Used in an SQL statement to query data from two or more tables, based on a relationship between certain columns in these tables.
Types of JOIN:
JOIN: Return rows when there is at least one match in both tables
LEFT JOIN: Return all rows from the left table, even if there are no matches in the right table
RIGHT JOIN: Return all rows from the right table, even if there are no matches in the left table
FULL JOIN: Return rows when there is a match in one of the tables

What is Self Join?

To join within that table is called self join.

Example to check Duplicate Records:

select empid from employee where empid not in(select empid from employee group by empid having count(*)>1)

select empid a ,empname b from emp a, emp b
where a.empid=b.empid


sriram.R (More...)

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