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Java is "distributed" what does this means ?

Posted By :Nikhil Kumar     Posted Date :April 24, 2010    Points :10   Category :Aptitude 
Java is designed for the distributed environment of the internet, because it handles TCP/IP protocols. In fact accessing a resource using a URL is not much different from accessing a file.The original version of Java (Oak) included features for intraddress-spaces messaging.This allowed objects on two different computers to execute procedure remotely.Java has recently revived these interfaces in a package called ~Remote Method Invocation (RMI)~. This feature brings an unparalleled level of abstraction to client/server programming.

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Can a .NET web application consume Java web service?

Yes Offcourse.Actually Webservices are independent to language. it depends on WSDL and SOAP. so any one can develope the Webservices anddisclose the wsdl and users can consume the webservices.wsdl and soap both are xml based.. and all languages having xml parsing
capability and access to http protocol will be able to work with Webservices. (More...)

Is it possible to set SessionState to readonly mode? Readonly mode means, we can only read data from session but we can not write any data in session variable?

Yes, it is possible.
EnableSessionState property has a value "Readonly" which actually makes the session state read only.

Thanks. (More...)

What does dollar Sign ($) means in JQuery?

Dollar Sign is nothing but it's an alias for JQuery. Take a look at below jQuery code



Over here $ sign can be replaced with "jQuery " keyword.


}); (More...)

How to add a combo box dynamically at run time in Java script?

document.forms[0]..options[index] new Option("Add text Value") (More...)

Fiber Distributed Data Interface(FDDI)?

Provides high performance and multiple stations networking
Widely used in Metropolitan Area network
Based on token ring architecture (More...)

Copper Distributed Data Interface (CDDI)?

Version of FDDI
Uses twisted-pair copper cable instead of fiber optic cable
Official name - Twisted-Pair Physical Medium-Dependent (TP-PMD)
Only two types of cables are supported by ANSI standard for CDDI:
UTP (More...)

Different between java and cpp?

Java is purely object oriented language , cpp is not purely object oriented language. (More...)

In a Java multithreading program, under what circumstances will you call the yield() method of a thread?

1, To give other runnable threads a chance to execute.
2, To start a new thread.
3, To terminate the current thread.
4, To stop the current thread for a specific time.

Answer : 1 (More...)

What is the result of below given line of code in Java Script? 5+4+'7'

The answer is 97.

As 5 and 4 are integer so total becomes 9 and it's add '7' to it as string so it becomes 97.

if dll and exe files are same it means you can deploy both the files in GAC?

No, deploying a exe file does not mean anything because classes and method are exposed in dll only and exe file is pure executable, any application can not call the function of exe file.

What is dynamic variable in java and where do we use them?

The variables that are initialized at run time is called as dynamic variable (More...)

Can you run the java program without main method?

A java applet application, a web application can run without main method. A Java program can run without using ' public static void main(String args[]) ' method by using a static block.

The static block gets executed soon after the class is loaded, even prior to the 'public static void main(String args[]) '. JVM searches for main method only after exiting from the static block. JVM throws an exception if main method is not found. To avoid throwing this exception we can use System.exit(0);

The following code depicts a class without main method; with only static block and System.exit(0).

class WithoutMainMethod {
System.out.println("This class has no public static void main(String args[]) ");
}. (More...)

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