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How to pass a value from a method to a property procedure in c# win application?

Posted By :Sameer     Posted Date :April 14, 2010    Points :10   Category :C# 
Here is my code:

class Jewellery : Connectionstr

string lmcode;

public string LM_code//Here i want to access the value of the method(ReadData) i.e displaystring and store the value in to the insert query below.
get { return lmcode; }
set { lmcode = value; }


string mname;
public string M_Name
get { return mname; }
set { mname = value; }

string desc;
public string Desc
get { return desc; }
set { desc = value; }

public string ReadData()
OleDbDataReader dr;
string jid = string.Empty;
string displayString = string.Empty;
String query = "select max(LM_code)from Master_Accounts";
Datamanager.RunExecuteReader(Constr, query);

if (dr.Read())
jid = dr[0].ToString();
if (string.IsNullOrEmpty(jid))
jid = "AM0000";
int len = jid.Length;
string split = jid.Substring(2, len - 2);
int num = Convert.ToInt32(split);
displayString = jid.Substring(0, 2) + num.ToString("0000");
return displayString;//I want to pass this value to the proeprty proc above i.e LM_code.

public void add()

String query ="insert into Master_Accounts values ('" + LM_code + "','" + M_Name + "'," + "'" + Desc "')";
Datamanager.RunExecuteNonQuery(Constr , query);


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