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Signaling Techniques - I?

Posted By :Shashi Ray     Posted Date :March 31, 2010    Points :10   Category :Networking 
1. Two types of Signaling techniques:

2. Baseband Signals:
Uses single frequency to transmit data
Transmit information in digital form

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Signaling Techniques - II?

1. Broadband Signals:
Data is transmitted using more than one frequency
Uses analog signals
Adds additional information to carrier signals by process of modulation (More...)

Describe the techniques for optimising your application?

. Avoid round-trips to server. Perform validation on client.
. Save viewstate only when necessary.
. Employ caching.
. Leave buffering on unless there is a dire need to disable it.
. Use connection pooling.
. Use stored procedures instead of in-line SQL or dynamic SQL. (More...)

What are the caching techniques available?

Page cahahing;
Fragment Caching;
And Data Caching; (More...)

What are the different parameter passing techniques c# supports?

byvalue (default),byreference,out and paramarray (More...)

What are the different state management techniques used in asp.net for web applications?

In ASP.Net the state can be maintained in following ways
Server-side state management
Application objects
Session Variables
Client-side state management
Hidden input fields
Query String
ViewState (More...)

what are the different state management techniques in ASP.Net?

Asp.Net state management can be maintained in two ways as below
Client- Side State Management
ASP.Net provides following techniques to store state information. This will improve application performance by minimizing server resource utilization
1.View state
2. Hidden Fields
3. Cookies
4. Query Strings
Server - Side State Management
With respect to Server Side State Management ASP.Net uses "Application state" and "Session state" objects to store data or user state.

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Tell me Few Capitalization Techniques?

Pascal Casing:This convention capitalizes the first character of each word. For example, MyCounter.

Camel Casing:This convention capitalizes the first character of each word except the first one. For example, myCounter.

Upper Casing:Only use all upper case for identifiers if it consists of an abbreviation, which is one or two characters long, Identifiers of three or more characters should use Pascal Casing instead. For example, PI (More...)

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