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FDDI - Devices?

Posted By :Shashi Ray     Posted Date :March 31, 2010    Points :10   Category :Networking 
1. The connectors used in FDDI are unique .

2. Every FDDI device requires two connectors to support two rings .

3. Using fiber optic cabling, FDDI segments could reach up to two kilometers between systems, with a maximum ring size of 100 kilometers .

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Fiber Distributed Data Interface(FDDI)?

Provides high performance and multiple stations networking
Widely used in Metropolitan Area network
Based on token ring architecture (More...)

FDDI stations?

1. Single-Attached Station - Connected through a single connector called S-port.

2. Dual-Attached Station - Connected through A-port and B-port . (More...)

FDDI concentrators?

1. Single-Attached Concentrator - Connected to the FDDI network through a single connector.

2. Dual-Attached Concentrator - Connected to the FDDI network through A-port and B-port. (More...)

FDDI - Failure Recovery ?

1. Wrapping Process - Modify the structure of the network to recover from failure.

(A)Recovers network connectivity on failure of FDDI station .
(B)Recovers network connectivity on failure of cables between any two FDDI stations.

2. Optical Bypass switch - Maintain the network connectivity by providing an optical connection that bypasses the failed station (More...)

ARCNET - Devices ?

1. Active Hub - Splits and amplifies the signal, isolates the port electrically.

2. Passive Hub - Splits signals .

3. ARCNET Card - Different types of network interface card (NIC) can be used depending upon the type of network topology .

4. BNC Terminator - Prevent signal reflection in network . (More...)

What are the mobile devices supported by .net platform

The Microsoft .NET Compact Framework is designed to run on mobile devices such as mobile phones, Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs), and embedded devices. The easiest way to develop and test a Smart Device Application is to use an emulator.
These devices are divided into two main divisions:
1) Those that are directly supported by .NET (Pocket PCs, i-Mode phones, and WAP devices)
2) Those that are not (Palm OS and J2ME-powered devices).

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