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Token Ring - IV Advantages?

Posted By :Shashi Ray     Posted Date :March 31, 2010    Points :10   Category :Networking 
Data collision does not occur
Every station is allowed to transmit data
Time required to carry the amount of data can be calculated
Minimum cable requirement

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Token Ring - IV Advantages?

System collapses if links between nodes are malfunctioning
No alternative link to transmit the data
Data transmission is through single direction
Performance degrades when junk data is transmitted (More...)

Token Ring - I?

Token Ring is a network architecture developed by IBM
Also known as IEEE 802.5
Uses logical ring topology
Multiple MAUs can be connected to extend the ring (More...)

Token Ring - II?

Data transfer is facilitated with the help of token passing mechanism (More...)

Token Ring - III?

1. Speed is either 4 or 16 Mbps

2. Performance is significantly faster than Ethernet networks

3. Uses physical star topology

4. Hides logical ring inside a hub, known as Multistation Access Unit (MAU)

5. Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP) or Shielded Twisted Pair (STP) cables are used connect nodes to the hub (More...)

Token Ring Card

1. Used to connect to a token ring network.

2. Assigned a MAC address by IEEE.

3. Maximum of two token ring cards can be installed at any node.

4. Consists of 9 pin DIN type connector which connects card to network cable. (More...)

Advantages of DBMS?

1.Redundancy is controlled.
2.Unauthorised access is restricted.
3.Providing multiple user interfaces.
4.Enforcing integrity constraints.
5.Providing backup and recovery. (More...)

Advantages of Crystal Reports ?

Advantages of Crystal Reports :

Some of the major advantages of using Crystal Reports are:

1. Rapid report development since the designer interface would ease the coding work for the programmer.

2. Can extend it to complicated reports with interactive charts and enhance the understanding of the business model

3. Exposes a report object model, can interact with other controls on the ASP.NET Web form

4. Can programmatically export the reports into widely used formats like .pdf, .doc, .xls, .html and .rtf (More...)

Advantages of LAN?

1. Improves productivity due to faster work
2. Provides easy maintenance
3. New systems can be installed and configured easily (More...)

Ring Topology?

1. Devices are connected in a closed loop.

2. All devices have equal access to media.

3. Device waits for its turn to transmit.

4. Most common type is Token Ring. (More...)

Advantage of Ring Topology?

1. Data travels at greater speed.

2. No collisions.

3. Handles large volume of traffic. (More...)

Disadvantage of Ring Topology?

1. More cabling is required compared to bus.

2. One faulty device affects the entire network.

3. Addition of devices affect network. (More...)

Dual Ring Topology?

1. Consists of two independent primary and secondary rings.

2. Secondary ring is redundant, used only when primary stops functioning. (More...)

Advantages of Hybrid Topology?

1. Used for creating larger networks.

2. Handles large volume of traffic.

3. Fault detection is easy. (More...)

Token Bus?

Defined by IEEE 802.4
Uses bus topology as physical topology
Token passing mechanism is used for data transfer like token ring
Token is passed over a virtual ring within network (More...)

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