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Meaning of 10BASE-T?

Posted By :Shashi Ray     Posted Date :March 30, 2010    Points :10   Category :Networking 
10 refer to 10 Mbps transmission speed, Base is for baseband signaling and T stands for twisted pair cable

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what is the meaning of immutable?

immutable means we can not change the contents at run time,
example of immutable is String (More...)


1. 10Base-2 (thin coaxial cable) is also referred to as thinnet.

2. In 10Base-2, "2" refers to approximate maximum segment length of the cable which is 185 meters.

3. 10Base2 uses RG-58 coaxial cable with BNC connectors. (More...)


1. Allows stations to be attached via twisted pair cable.

2. 10 refers to the transmission speed of 10 Mbps.

3. "T" refers to twisted pair cable.

4. In a 10BaseT network, each computer (node) is connected to a hub. (More...)

10BASE-T - I

1. Ethernet standard known as twisted pair Ethernet.

2. Uses a star bus topology.

3. Stations are connected to a hub using pairs of twisted cables

(A)Failure of one system does not affect entire network

(B)Easy troubleshooting

(C)Addition and removal of device does not affect network (More...)

10BASE-T Topology?

1. It uses a physical star topology in which each node connects to a central hub .

2. The hub is a multiport repeater. It receives the signal from one port, regenerates it and passes the signal to all the other ports . (More...)

10Base T Specifications and Limitations?

1. Specifications include:.

(A) Fault Tolerant
(B) Easy Troubleshooting
(C) Easy Moves and Changes

2. Limitations include:

(A) Distance
(B) Sensitive to noise
(C) Number of computers connected (More...)


1. Ethernet standard that operates over fiber optic cable and covers a distance up to 2 k.m.

2. Multimode fiber and Straight Tip (ST) connector are used to build 10Base-FL segment.

10Base FL components:
.Network Medium
.Medium Attachment Unit (MAU) (More...)

What is the meaning of OverRides and Overridable
keywords ?

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What is the meaning of daemon thread?

Daemon thread's run in background and stop automatically when nothing is running program. (More...)

What is the meaning of virtual keyword?

It means that the method and the properties can be overriden. (More...)

What is the meaning of Open Source Software?

PHP developed for less script, time saving, Free Open Source Software and runs on different platforms such as Windows, Linux, Unix, etc. PHP compatible with almost all servers used today such as Apache, IIS, etc. (More...)

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