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Working of Ethernet?

Posted By :Shashi Ray     Posted Date :March 29, 2010    Points :10   Category :Networking 
1. Ethernet frame is used to transfer data over a network.

2. Each device in an Ethernet network is uniquely identified by a 48 bit (6 bytes) address called Ethernet address.

3. Ethernet addresses are represented as six pairs of hexadecimal digits separated by a colon.

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You are working with a DataSet and want to be able to display data, sorted different ways. How do you do so?

Select the correct answer.

1. Use the Sort method on the DataTable object.
2. Use the DataSet object's Sort method.
3. Use a DataView object for each sort.
4. Create a DataTable for each sort, using the DataTable object's Copy method, and then Sort the result

Correct Answer is :
3. Use a DataView object for each sort. (More...)

Why is it not a good idea to insert code into InitializeComponent method when working with Visual Studio?

The designer will likely throw it away; most of the code inside InitializeComponent is auto-generated. (More...)


1. Defined by IEEE as the 802.3 standard.

2. Most widely adapted LAN technology.

3. Supports data transfer rates of 10 Mbps, 100 Mbps and 1 Gbps.

Three data rates currently defined for the operation over optical fiber and twisted-pair cables.

10 Mbps - 10Base-T Ethernet
100 Mbps - Fast Ethernet
1000 Mbps - Gigabit Ethernet (More...)

Elements of Ethernet System ?

1. Medium

2. Set of Medium Access Control Rules

3. Ethernet frame (More...)

Types of Ethernet?

1. 10Base5

2. 10Base2

3. 10Base-T

4. 10Base-F (More...)

Features of Advanced Ethernet?

1. Advanced Ethernet would use a physical star to match the robustness of Token ring.

2. It would not use more expensive coaxial cables and adopt inexpensive UTP cabling.

3. It would use the same frame types and speeds of the older Ethernets so that new Ethernets will be compatible with older ones. (More...)

Alternatives to Ethernet ?

1. Sometimes it is impossible to run Ethernet cabling so "no new wire" networking technologies can be used.

2. In alternatives to Ethernet two or more computers can be connected into a LAN without running a wire.

3. Three networking technologies are:
Wireless LANs
Phone line networks
Power line networks (More...)

Ethernet Card?

1. Used in devices which are connected using Ethernet technology.

2. Two types of Ethernet network card - Wired and wireless.

3. The choice depends on type of network used. (More...)

Types of Ethernet Cards?

10Base-5 (Thicknet) NIC
Fiber -optic (More...)

You are working on an ASP.NET application. One of the drop down list contans 1 lakh records. The page posting becomes very slow. How to overcome this? You just need the selected index of the dropdownlist on submit.

Use EnableVieState=false. On the dropdown change event, set a hidden field value to the selected index.

Disabling view state helps us in reducing the postback load. (More...)

You added a SharePoint Web part to page, and now, when you go to the page, get an error message. To get the page working again, what need to do?

Go to the page with the error and add


to the end of the page's URL. If the URL already has a "?" then add this instead to the end of the URL:


You will now see a list of all of the Web Parts on the page and can now delete the offending Web Part.

Here is an example for a site URL that ends in aspx:
http://.../default.aspx?Contents=1 (More...)

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