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Fiber Optic Cable Connectors?

Posted By :Shashi Ray     Posted Date :March 26, 2010    Points :10   Category :Networking 
1. Straight Tip (ST) - Joins individual fibers to optical devices.

2. Subscriber Connector (SC) - Attaches two fibers to send and receive signals.

3. Medium Interface Connector (MIC) - Joins fiber to FDDI controller.

4. Sub Miniature Type A (SMA) - Uses individual connectors for each fiber stand.

5. Fiber Jack - Attaches two fibers in snap lock connector.

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Fiber Optic Cable Characteristics?

1. Bandwidth - Carries large amount of data ranging from 100 Mbps to 1 Gbps.

2. Segment Length - Transmits data signals over larger distance.

3. Interference - No electric signals pass through these types of cables thus providing security. (More...)

Fiber Optic Cable Types?

Fiber optic cables can carry signals in a single direction.

Fiber Optic Cable Types:-

1. Single Mode.

2. Multi mode. (More...)

Single Mode Fiber Optic cable?

1. A type of cable that has only a single strand of glass fiber with a thin diameter.

2. Fiber optic cables that use lasers are known as single mode cable. (More...)

Multi Mode Fiber Optic cable?

1. A type of cable that contains a glass fiber with a larger diameter.

2. It is a 62.5/125 micrometer fiber cable. (More...)

ST connectors or SMA connectors are used with which type of cable?

ST connectors or SMA connectors are used with Optical Fibre cable. (More...)

Fiber Optic Medium?

1. Consists of centre glass core surrounded by cladding.

2. Electrical signals are converted into light signals.

3. A phenomenon called as total internal reflection is used for transmission.

4. LED or laser is used to transmit signal (More...)

Coaxial cable?

1. Consist of a solid copper core surrounded by an insulator mainly made up of Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) or Teflon .

2. Coaxial cables are less prone to interference (both internal and external) . (More...)

Types of Coaxial cable?

Coaxial cables are mainly divided into four categories:-

1. RG58

2. RG8

3. RG6

4. RG59 (More...)

Coaxial cable RG58 ?

1. Maximum segment length is 200 meters

2. Interference protection is better than twisted pair cables.

3. Offers resistance of 50 ohms.

4. BNC-T connector is used to connect this cable.

5. Used in thinnet (10BASE2) network.

6. Mostly used in changing environments. (More...)

Coaxial cable RG8 ?

1. Maximum segment length is 500 meters.

2. Interference protection is good compared to any copper cable.

3. Offers resistance of 50 ohms.

4. BNC-T or Vampire Tap connector is used to connect this cable.

5. Used in 10BASE5 network. (More...)

Coaxial cable RG6 ?

1. Broadband quad-shielded cable that offers an impedance of 75 ohms.

2. Provides lower attenuation characteristics.

3. Useful in cable TV, CCTV and satellite dish antenna. (More...)

Coaxial cable RG59 ?

1. Solid conductor is surrounded by a foam polyethylene dielectric.

2. Offers impedance of 75 ohm.

3. Useful in security camera, cable TV and home theatre . (More...)

Fiber LAN?

1. Uses different types of fiber optic cables for interconnection

2. Types of Fast Ethernet standards which use fiber optic cables:

(A)100BASE-FX - Uses two filaments of multi-mode optical fiber cable. Maximum cable length is 400m.

(B)100BASE-SX - Uses two filaments of multi-mode optical fiber cable. Maximum cable length is 300m

(C)100BASE-BX - Uses single-mode fiber optic cable.

(D)FDDI - Supports 100 Mbps data rate over fiber optic cables. (More...)

Fiber Distributed Data Interface(FDDI)?

Provides high performance and multiple stations networking
Widely used in Metropolitan Area network
Based on token ring architecture (More...)

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