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What is the use of Dense_Rank in Sqlserver?

Posted By :nishithraj     Posted Date :March 25, 2010    Points :10   Category :Sql Server 
Dense_Rank function produces the gaps in the ranking system

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What is difference between RANK and DENSE_RANK.

The main difference between RANK and DENSE_RANK comes how they leave gap among records while ranking them.
For an example, if you have three records at position one. Both the functions will place all three records at same position of one but the difference comes is when they rank the second record. RANK() will rank the next record as fourth record while DENSE_RANK() will rank it as second. (More...)

How to rename a database in SQLserver?

using the procedure sp_renamedb. Following is the syntax

Exec sp_renamedb 'olddbname','newdbname' (More...)

Difference between oracle, sql and sqlserver?

Oracle is based on RDBMS.SQL is structured query language,pronounced "sequel", is a language that provides an interface to relational database systems.and sql server is tool for RDBMS provided b Microsoft. (More...)

what is @@identity in sqlserver?

@@Identity returns the last identity value inserted in any table or session of the database (More...)

what is the use of ISNULL in sqlserver-2005?

It is the expression to be checked for NULL. check_expression can be of any type

For More details please follow this link:

http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms184325.aspx (More...)

Write a SQL query to send mail, whenever a new record is inserted into a table using Sqlserver 2000.

Here we have to create a trigger on required table as show below.

ON TableX

EXEC master..xp_sendmail
@message = 'body'
@subject = 'foo was fired.'

What is the difference between DISTINCT and DISTINCTROW in SQLServer?

DISTINCT checks the results of query and eliminates duplicate rows. These queries (Unique Values = Yes) are not updateable. They are a snapshot of your data and don't reflect subsequent data modifications by users. This is similar to running a Totals Query (e.g. using a Group By clause).

DISTINCTROW checks all the fields in the table and then eliminates the duplicate rows. The results of a query with DISTINCTROW (Unique Records = Yes) are updateable and reflect changes to retrieved records (but the query does not automatically run again if the data changes to retrieve different rows).

So the difference is that DISTINCT only checks the fields in the results, while DISTINCTROW checks all the fields in the underlying tables. If your query joins several tables and only displays records from one, the DISTINCTROW option lets you view and edit the results. (More...)

where sql server login and password stored in sqlserver?


Sql server login and password are stored in sys.sql_logins. (More...)

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