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What is a COMPUTE BY statement?

Posted By :nishithraj     Posted Date :March 25, 2010    Points :10   Category :Sql Server 
COMPUTE BY statement has both detail and summary rows within the SELECT statement. It calculates the summary values for subgroups, or a summary value for the entire result set.

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How many Columns per INSERT statement is allowed

4096 Columns allowed in per Insert SQL (More...)

Can multiple catch blocks be executed for a single try statement?

No. Once the proper catch block processed, control is transferred to the finally block (if any).

So we can not execute multiple catch block in one try block (More...)

What is the equivalent statement for exit in C#?

Application.Exit() or System.Environment.Exit (More...)

What is the difference between UNION ALL Statement and UNION

The main difference between UNION ALL statement and UNION is UNION All statement is much faster than UNION.
Reason : Because UNION ALL statement does not look for duplicate rows, but on the other hand UNION statement does look for duplicate rows, whether or not they exist. (More...)

What is COMMIT and ROLLBACK statement in SQL

Commit statement helps in termination of the current transaction and do all the changes that occur in transaction persistent and this also commits all the changes to the database.
ROLLBACK do the same thing just terminate the currenct transaction but one another thing is that the changes made to database are ROLLBACK to the database. (More...)

What is the purpose of @@LANGUAGE statement?

To know the current language used. (More...)

What is the purpose of @@FETCH_STATUS statement in T-SQL?

To know the status of the last cursor FETCH statement issued against any cursor currently opened by the connection (More...)

What is the use of @@CPU_BUSY statement?

@@CPU_BUSY returns the time that SQL Server has spent working since it was last started. (More...)

What is the use of @@CONNECTIONS statement?

@@CONNECTIONS returns the number of attempted connections, either successful or unsuccessful since SQL Server was last started. (More...)

What is Modulo EQUALS statement in SQL server?

Modulo divides one number by another and return the result of the operation.
%= is the operator used for this. (More...)

What is the use of @@VERSION statement?

@@VERSION statement returns version, processor architecture, build date, and operating system for the current installation of SQL Server. (More...)

What is a Multi-statement Table-Value User-Defined Function?

A Multi-Statement Table-Value user-defined function returns a table and is also an exceptional alternative to a view as the function can support multiple T-SQL statements to build the final result where the view is limited to a single SELECT statement (More...)

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