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Characteristics of Cables?

Posted By :Shashi Ray     Posted Date :March 25, 2010    Points :10   Category :Networking 
1. Segment Length - Length of single wire.

2. Attenuation - Indicates loss of signal.

3. Bandwidth - Amount of data carried by cable.

4. Number of Segments - Maximum number of segments in network.

5. Cost - Copper cables are cheapest, fiber optic cables are expensive.

6. Interference susceptibility and crosstalk - Defines concept of electronic interference on cables

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Types of cables?

1. Coaxial cable.

2. Twisted pair cables.

Note: Copper medium is the cheapest mode of data transfer. (More...)

Twisted Pair Cables?

A pair of cables twisted around each other forms a twisted pair cable.

Types of Twisted Pair cables:-

1. Unshielded Twisted Pair.

2. Shielded Twisted pair. (More...)

UTP Cables?

1. Pair of unshielded wires wound around each other.

2. Easily gets affected by EMI, RFI and crosstalk.

3. Cable offers resistance of 50 ohms.

4. Maximum segment length is 100 meters. (More...)

STP Cables?

1. Pair of wires wound around each other is placed inside shield.

2. Better protection from EMI, RFI and crosstalk as compared to UTP.

3. Offers resistance of 50 ohms.

4. Maximum segment length of 100 meters. (More...)

Fiber Optic Cable Characteristics?

1. Bandwidth - Carries large amount of data ranging from 100 Mbps to 1 Gbps.

2. Segment Length - Transmits data signals over larger distance.

3. Interference - No electric signals pass through these types of cables thus providing security. (More...)

ARCNET - Cables?

1. Coaxial Cable - Inexpensive and provide high propagation factor.

2. Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP) - Twisted pair cables are easy to terminate .

3. Fiber Optic - Lower propagation factor than coaxial cable. (More...)

What are the characteristics of C#?

Type safe
Object oriented

What are the characteristics of C#?

There are several characteristics of C# are :

Type safe
Object oriented
Modern (More...)

What are the characteristics of WCF Data Contract?

Following are the characteristics of WCF Data Contract:

- A data contract is defined by using a Data Contract Attribute on a class or structure.

- Members of the data structure which will be used by the service need to be marked with the Data Member Attribute.

- Implementation of the same interface by different classes is made possible as only the selected members will be transferred between the service and the client. (More...)

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