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What is the use of System.Windows.Navigation namespace in WPF?

Posted By :Abhisek Panda     Posted Date :February 26, 2010    Points :10   Category :WPF 
System.Windows.Navigation namespace contains different classes for navigation between windows.

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What is the use of System.Windows.Media namespace?

It is the root namespace to several other media related namespaces. It provides different types to work with animations, 3D rendering, text rendering and other multimedia services. (More...)

What is the use of "System.Windows.Markup" namespace in WPF?

The System.Windows.Markup namespace provides some helper classes for XAML code. (More...)

Name the classes that are contained in System.Data NameSpace?

Constraint (More...)

What is the use of System.Web namespace?

System.Web namespace defines a number of namespaces used in the development of .NET web applications, including ASP.NET applications XML web services. (More...)

I can't seem to find System.Windows.Forms.Integration, where do I find it?

The System.Windows.Forms.Integration namespace is defined in WindowsFormsIntegration.dll which currently ships in the WinFX SDK, not in the standard redist. Therefore, the file will be found in "\Program Files\Reference Assemblies\ Microsoft\Avalon\v2.0.50215?. (More...)

What's the use of System.Windows.Controls.ContentControl?

It holds a single piece of content. This can start from a simple label and go down to a unit level of string in a layout panel using shapes.
This is the base class for all controls that show a collection of items, such as the ListBox and TreeView. (More...)

What is the use of System.SystemException namespace?

System.SystemException provide different classes to handle fatal as well as non fatal errors. (More...)

What is the differenece between System.Windows.dll and System.Windows.Browser.dll?

1)System.Windows.dll:-This Assembly includes many of the classes for building Silverlight user interfaces,including basic elements,Shapes and Brushes,classes that support animation and databinding,and the version of the FileOpenDialog that works with isolated storage.

2)System.Windows.Browser.dll:-This Assembly contains classes for interacting with HTML Elements.

Name the classes that derive from the abstract System.Windows.Shapes.Shape class in WPF?

1) Rectangle
2) Ellipse
3) Line
4) Polyline
5) Polygon
6) Path (More...)

What does the namespace "System.Runtime.Serialization" exactly do in WCF ?

WCF uses the class to convert objects into a stream of data suitable for transmitting over the network (this process is known as Serialization). It also uses them to convert a stream of data received from the network back into objects (De-Serialization). (More...)

What is Active Directory? What is the namespace used to access the Microsoft Active Directories? What are ADSI Directories?

Active Directory Service Interfaces (ADSI) is a programmatic interface for Microsoft Windows Active Directory. It enables your applications to interact with diverse directories on a network, using a single interface. Visual Studio .NET and the .NET Framework make it easy to add ADSI functionality with the DirectoryEntry and DirectorySearcher components.

Using ADSI, you can create applications that perform common administrative tasks, such as backing up databases, accessing printers, and administering user accounts. (More...)

What is type system unification?

The goal of type system unification is to bridge the gap between value types and reference types that exists in most languages. For example, a Stack class can provide Push and Pop methods that take and return object values.

public class Stack
public object Pop() {...}
public void Push(object o) {...}
Because C# has a unified type system, the Stack class can be used with elements of any type, including value types like int. (More...)

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